Fixed and mobile M2M terminals

M2M + SCADA Terminals

Fixed and Mobile M2M Terminals

Viasat high performance M2M terminals for a broad range of applications including emergency responders, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, mobile fleet management, general aviation, and high-value asset tracking.

Fixed Terminals 

The Viasat High Performance M2M Terminal FT2225 supports a broad range of applications including SCADA, warning systems, point of sales, monitoring oil, water or gas flow through pipelines, and more. The terminal includes embedded, beyond-line-of-sight voice connectivity, enabling direct communications between remote locations and with control nodes.

For SCADA or intelligent infrastructure management, the system’s two-way networking capability enables both real-time monitoring and real-time control. Field devices can instantly be assessed and adjusted remotely; such as gas valves, smart grid sensors, water pumps, and reservoir level indicators.

  • IP-based networking
  • Two-way send/receive connectivity
  • Low-latency for instant message transfer and real-time monitoring with no delays
  • High reliability–even in harsh weather conditions

Mobile Terminals 

The Aviation Terminal 2220 is one of the smallest and lightest full-duplex aviation terminals on the market. The single line replaceable unit combines an antenna, RF front-end, and modem into one assembly. This makes installation easy, eliminating expensive RF cables, and reducing installation time and complexity.

The terminal relies on remarkably efficient bandwidth usage, low latency IP networking, and optimized power consumption. In addition, the terminal includes embedded, beyond-line-of-sight voice connectivity for communications between the aircraft and end users through Point-to-Point or Push-to-Talk call groups.

  • Dual-channel receive, single-channel transmit
  • Two-way send/receive connectivity
  • Built-in helicopter rotor blockage mitigation
  • Low-latency for real-time monitoring
  • Packet-switched, IP-based networking for low-cost broadcast, multicast, and unicast messages
  • Extends smartphone voice, email, and text service through Wi-Fi
  • Netted voice