Metal LinkWays2 modem left angle LinkWays2 modem front view featuring black Viasat and LinkWay logos LinkWays2 modem right angle LinkWays2 modem back view featuring power supply and data ports Two LinkWay2 modems stacked on top of each other

LinkWayS2 modem

Tactical network-centric SATCOM modem

The LinkWays2 modem is the battlefield standard for C4I communications. This hubless MF-TDMA VSAT system, is a  cost-effective way to integrate a variety of applications into a single platform in any network topology – full-mesh, star (hub/spoke), or hybrid. Benefits of the LinkWays2 modem include:

  • Full-mesh and hub/spoke system
  • Adaptive on-demand bandwidth allocation and bandwidth-efficient coding
  • Embedded AES encryption-based TRANSEC
  • Backwards compatibility