White ground satellite antenna against a starry night sky

Limited and full motion antenna systems supporting high-capacity broadband constellations inĀ LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO orbits

White ground station satellite communication antenna against a light blue sky with clouds
Earth observation

High-performance, full-motion tracking ground stations for remote sensing, telemetry, data link, TT&C, and satellite communications

Man wearing glasses looking at projected computer data

Fixed, transportable, and airborne antennas with high data rates and resiliency for demanding missions

Woman sitting outside of her home at a wood table talking on the phone in front of a laptop
Fixed wireless

Fixed wireless broadband antenna to complement indoor fixed wireless access (FWA) gateways

Airborne antenna system in a testing chamber

Tail- and fuselage-mount SATCOM antennas for fixed- and rotary-wing aircrafts, designed for cargo, ISR, VIP, and UAV applications

Semi-trailer truck driving onto a large cargo ship
Land and sea

Single- and dual-band SATCOM on-the-move and on-the-pause, designed for the most challenging environments