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Communications get through even on the stormiest seas

Experience shipboard communications reliability you can count on. Viasat is the world’s only provider of UHF DAMA/IW TDMA Channel Controller Systems for international defense organizations, enabling highly-reliable communications access virtually anywhere your mission takes you – in any kind of weather. Viasat provides:

  • Single user UHF SATCOM terminals to complete stand-alone systems for sovereign controlled satellite channels
  • UHF SATCOM modems and ancillary equipment, including High Power Amplifiers (HPAs) and various RF components
  • Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) and NSA Certified UHF SATCOM terminals


UHF SATCOM terminals built for the mission ahead

Viasat is the world leader in shipboard and fixed-station UHF SATCOM radio communications for defense organizations. From single user terminals to complete stand-alone UHF systems for sovereign controlled satellite channels, Viasat provides terminals, modems, simulators, and network management for mission success. We can help you choose the UHF SATCOM terminal that’s best for your ship-to-shore application.

Two UHF SATCOM terminals mounted on top of metal platforms
Front right angled product image of a gray RT-1829 with a Viasat logo on the front


The Viasat RT-1829 is a shipboard application featuring up to 4 full-duplex RF channels with 4 or 8 serial I/O ports each. The terminal is a reliable replacement for legacy systems including: AN/USC -42 (Mini-DAMA); AN/USC-54 (VICS); AN/WSC-3 (Whiskey-3); AN/WSC-5; TD-1271; MD-1324. 

Product image of the light gray RT-1830 with a blue Viasat logo


The Viasat RT-1830 is an application for shore stations or other benign environments. featuring single full-duplex RF channel with 4 or 8 I/O ports. The terminal is a proven replacement for legacy systems including: AN/USC -42 (Mini-DAMA); AN/USC-54 (VICS); AN/WSC-3 (Whiskey-3); AN/WSC-5; TD-1271; MD-1324. 

Downloadable content

  • VPA-100 datasheet

    .pdf (196 KB)

  • Splitter Combiner Drawer (SCD) (1x2)

    .pdf (332 KB)

  • MD-1324 Discontinuation Notice

    .pdf (91 KB)

  • Notice of discontinuation of repair and upgrade for MD-1324

    .pdf (76 KB)

  • Service bulletin RT-1830 version and power supply obsolescence

    .pdf (1 MB)

Close-up view of a wall in a server room

UHF SATCOM terminals and Viasat’s VISION – simplified network management for complex missions

Experience consistent connectivity to UHF SATCOM terminals on land, at sea, or in the air, and maximize channel efficiency with Viasat's Visual Integrated SATCOM Information, Operation and Networking (VISION) software. This network management solution (NMS) allows for simultaneous communications of UHF SATCOM terminals and networks.

SATCOM Network Planning and Management Software

UHF SATCOM terminals and channel controllers – simplify training at sea

Replicate Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) and Integrated Waveform (IW) operations without the expense and time constraints of accessing live satellite channels. Viasat’s DAMA Orderwire Channel Controller Trainer/Simulators (DOCCT/S) have the flexibility to address a full range of UHF DAMA/IW satellite communications equipment training, integration, and mission rehearsal requirements.

What is DAMA? Learn more about how Viasat's DOCCT/S replicates DAMA and IW operations so you're ready for your mission.

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