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Expeditionary Lightweight Integrated Tactical Edge (ELITE)

Enhance tactical operations with mobile integrated solutions for C5 to enable mission success 

Bringing C5 to the Tactical Edge

Tactical Operations demand resilient and rapid access to user applications and multi-classification, real-time and distributed cloud data needed to enable mission success. Viasat brings a holistic turn-key solution for C5 from the TOC/FOB all the way to dismounted soldiers.    

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Four soldiers at dusk with a military vehicle utilizing mobile integrated solutions for tactical operations

Delivering capacity and ease-of-use to tactical edge communications

The Viasat ELITE communications kit provides a flexible and secure open architecture communications and applications platform that delivers simple network management, BLOS, LOS and Wireless networks for resilient Situational Awareness and Command and Control to the warfighter at all echelons and CONOPS. 

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ELITE Communications Kit Benefits

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    Tactical Edge Communications

    Each kit is equipped to handle multi-transport technologies, including emerging low visibility communications. 

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    Automated PACE

    Capable of simultaneous and robust traffic bonding over multiple links across networks while balancing user requirements for throughput, latency, and resilience.

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    Network Management

    Leverage Viasat’s distributed cloud for DIL network access and experience our fully automated network management, security, and configuration for rapid setup.

  • Man sitting at a desk with stacked monitors, working on a laptop
    App integration

    Whatever the tactical objective, Viasat’s ELITE solutions offer complete Mission application integration from best-in-class partners to ensure mission success.

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    Viasat’s best-in-class, government-accredited cyber-protection offers transport resilience and keeps data & warfighters safe. 

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    Each ELITE kit meets unique user requirements for applications and transport types and is integrated and tested to provide a full turn-key solution to ensure mission success. 

ELITE Headquarters for Combat Employment

Viasat’s portable, customizable ELITE kit brings mobile C5 solutions and seamless connectivity to the TOC/FOB

Enabled for the COP, mission ISR, sensor fusion, emerging capabilities including telematics and medcom, ELITE delivers real-time data and distributed cloud access to multiple disparate networks. Each ELITE kit is customized to meet unique user requirements for a variety of applications and transport types. 

Portable Viasat Elite kit with NetAgility portal shown

Typical ELITE Headquarters for Combat Employment Kit Features

  • C2 Applications

    Ground radar and datalink integration, data fusion, and Common Operating Picture for real-time Situational Awareness. 

  • Tactical gateway

    Multi-channel radio communications, including:  Link-16, SADL/EPLRS, SINCGARS, ANW2C, IW, DAMA and V/ULOS.

  • PacStar Gateway

    PacStar tactical compute for host/bridge/gateway function; KG-250X Type 1 Crypto and GD TACDS Cross-Domain for multi-level networks.

  • Intra-Node Comms

    Stand-alone LTE and 5G networks for enhanced local connectivity.

  • Inter-Node Comms

    Low LPI/LPD FSO exceeding 10Gbps over 20km for connecting between TOC/FOB.

  • BLOS Comms

    High-capacity SATCOM leverages portable Multi-Mission Terminal (MMT) for Military/Commercial Ku/Ka and X-Band.

  • SIPRNet Access

    SIPR/NIPR/JWICS access hosted on portable servers with Type 1 DAR/DIT capability. 

  • Rapid Setup

    NetAgility enables rapid network routing, management, setup and resilient connectivity.

  • Cyber Monitoring

    Network and EUD monitoring integrated with real-time Threat Intelligence, backed by our 24/7 CSOC.

  • Tactical Radios

    Support for Trellisware, Silvus, PRC-148C, PRC-161, PRC-163, PRC-167.

  • Secure EUDs

    S20 Tactical Edition (TE) kits with ATAK and Mobile Dynamic Defense (Cybersecurity) for disconnected situational awareness. 

ELITE Soldier Wearable Kit

The ELITE Soldier Wearable Kit is a lightweight communication network that enables soldiers on the front lines with enhanced situational awareness and resilient communications. The soldier wearable system is an integrated turn-key solution that enhances mission effectiveness by combining tactical edge devices and sensors with Link 16 and LOS radios. 

Solider in green camo standing in tall shubbery with his hand on an ELITE wearable kit

Typical ELITE Solider Kit Features

  • Solder in the field holding a qualified EUDs
    Qualified EUDs

    Battlespace-tested EUDs with custom software for integrating with tactical radios and soldier-worn devices.

  • Map shown on an app for situational awareness
    User tactical apps

    Equipped with enhanced commander’s situational awareness with C2 capabilities and coalition interoperability.

  • Mobile Dynamic Defense software shown close-up on a laptop
    Secure software

    Ready for remote management of network of devices with ease and flexibility of EUD configuration/security and cybersecurity monitoring. 

  • Silhouette of a soldier talking on a handheld radio at disk
    Resilient comms

    Enabled through integrated PACE management, cloud access and support for multiple classification levels.

  • Soldier in the field holding equipment from the ELITE portable kit
    Rugged & portable

    Each kit is ruggedized and built for body connectivity through field-proven cases, wired and wireless hubs and cables provided by leading partners.

  • ELITE Headquarters for Combat Employment Datasheet

    .pdf (78 KB)

  • ELITE Soldier Kit Datasheet

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