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Viasat Multi-Mission Terminal (MMT)

Delivering enhanced connectivity with a smaller footprint

The Viasat Multi-Mission Terminal (MMT) provides rapidly deployable broadband for IP communications across the globe. Multi-band and multi-orbital, the Viasat MMT seamlessly adapts to the topology and architecture of your network including mesh, hub/spoke, and point-to-point. Simple, accurate portable SATCOM antenna pointing capabilities is possible with the Viasat CAMP smartphone app. Features include:

  • High-capacity satellite service delivered to the portable, flyaway terminal
  • Ability to roam across satellite networks to provide anti-access/ area-denied (A2AD) resiliency
  • Delivers IP-based voice, video, and data networking
  • Set up and point the terminal in 30 minutes or less

Ruggedized, packable, lightweight terminal

With a  simple feed-arm swap, the Viasat MMT operates over commercial Ku-, WGS Ka-, ViaSat-1 and ViaSat-2 Ka-, and commercially available X-band constellations. The Viasat MMT is flexible and easily upgradeable for future mission requirements.  Ideal for Forward Operating Bases and emergency response operations, the MMT provides operators with a unique combination of multi-level transport diversity and access to Viasat’s high-capacity satellite constellations. For secure and resilient communications, in both benign and contested environments the Viasat MMT is the terminal you can count on.

Supplies dropping from paracutes at a forward operating base in the desert

Third-party government terminal modification kit

This government-focused ground terminal modification program provides third-party terminals with regional access to Viasat’s current high-capacity SATCOM networks. Through this program, Viasat is enabling U.S. DoD and coalition forces to use their large inventory of existing ground SATCOM terminals to roam among commercial and purpose-built defense satellite networks, gaining access to a hybrid, multi-network SATCOM architecture. 

Want to learn how your ground terminal can operate on Viasat’s high-capacity networks?

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Third party terminals

Ground terminals that operate over Viasat's SATCOM network

  • Hawkeye III Lite High-Capacity Ka Upgrade Kit

    .pdf (380 KB)

  • Taranis AutoAQYR Terminal

    .pdf (466 KB)

  • Ranger 1200 High-Capacity Ka Upgrade Kit

    .pdf (354 KB)

Viasat current Ku and Ka SATCOM coverage map with anticipated future Ka coverage

Amplify terminal capabilities with Viasat’s broadband service

The Viasat MMT and other ground SATCOM terminals operating over Viasat’s high-capacity satellite service deliver real-time communications for faster decisions across battlespace. Learn more about MMT services and how to power your fixed, nomadic & COTM terminals with Viasat’s high-capacity network.

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