Warfighters with gear loading onto the back of a C-17 aircraft equipped with airborne technology

A history of airborne technology innovations for military aircraft and service members

Viasat is driven by helping warfighters stay safe and successful on their missions. Building on fifteen years of outfitting aircraft with innovative airborne terminals and providing outsanding service, Viasat delivers technology that amplifies solutions, automates tasks, and increases efficiencies. Over one-third of Viasat employees are veterans, instilling a strong sense of pride in ensuring our technology creates a positive impact for all warfighters. Innovations include:

  • Dynamic video encoding (DVE)
  • Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)
  • Viasat video streaming
  • Viasat network support centers: Network Operations Center, Security Operations Center, and Government Care Center


Dynamic video encoding

ISR missions often require aircraft to travel long legs from base to objective. As the aircraft traverse higher data rate contour rings within the satellite footprint, they are unable to adjust sensor data rate automatically. Recognizing this limitation, Viasat developed Dynamic Video Encoding (DVE), an application that optimizes ISR data feeds based on satellite capability, and if need be allows for configuration to occur across security boundaries. DVE enables:

  • Automatically increase or decrease video data throughput as the bandwidth changes to optimize output
  • Maximize the efficient usage of the bandwidth you’re already paying for
  • Allows dynamic configurations changes across security boundaries
Multiple monitor screens showcasing ISR data and video


With Viasat connectivity, senior leaders have access to IPTV, an easy to operate content source to increase situational awareness while in the sky. With tailored channels and dedicated support, IPTV is a flexible airborne solution to keep principals in the air connected to happenings on the ground. IPTV operates over an already installed Viasat SATCOM terminal eliminating the need for an additional receive-only antenna. IPTV allows:

  • Access to live news without relying on streaming services
  • SATCOM TV viewing without impacting mission-critical, bandwidth-intensive communications
  • Combining TV with data connections - one terminal for C2 communications and situational awareness
Senior leader on government aircraft equipped with aircraft technology, watching the news on laptop

Viasat end-to-end video streaming

Recognizing a capability gap in video streaming and advanced processing, Viasat designed a video streaming solution that provides secure, reliable, and low latency streaming for customers with or without existing infrastructure. Whether turn-key, fully managed video streaming or co-managed, Viasat can tailor a solution to your requirements. Viasat’s video streaming solution enables:

  • A point-to-multipoint communications platform allowing on-aircraft storage for high data rate recording of HD video and sensor data
  • H.264 or H.265 streaming using a Viasat tested and ruggedized airborne encoder
  • Over the air transfers of encrypted video and data streams to a content management server, secured with AES-256 or HAIPE encryption
Male warfighter wearing green camo uniform monitoring a screen

A coalition of Viasat experts supporting every customer

Combining agile innovation with our visionary technologists, Viasat provides customers with a safe, strong network they can count on. The 360-degree network support, security infrastructure, and white glove service is made up of three units: Network Operations Center (NOC), Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC), Government Care Center (GCC).


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