Soldier wearing green camo uniform, helmet, sunglasses and a backback equipped with a radio

Terminals & radios

Multi-channel radios and satellite terminals for land, sea, and air

Government & defense

Product image of Tactical Gateways
Tactical Gateways

Complete line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight communications system for on-the- move and on-the-pause land, air and maritime applications

Product image of the video/ISR Data Links
Video/ISR Data Links

Secure, spectrum-efficient line-of-sight (LOS) digital data link with range to the horizon and integral H.264 compression for multiple HD or SD video feeds

Product image of a Viasat SATCOM UHF

Shipboard and fixed station UHF satellite communications solutions, ranging from single user terminals to complete stand-alone UHF systems

Product image of a white maritime terminal imprinted with the Viasat logo
Maritime terminals

Multi- and single-band terminals optimized for high-speed maritime broadband services

Satellite terminal product image of a Ku-band airborne terminal
Ku-band airborne terminals

Ku-band terminals optimized to receive full-motion video, make phone calls, conduct video conferences, and more

Satellite terminal product image of a Ka-band airborne terminal
KA-band airborne terminals

Next-generation Ka-band terminals operating over military and commercial networks, providing key communications for realtime mission communications

Satellite terminal product image of the GAT-5510, a Ka-band aviation satcom terminal

Ka-band aviation satcom terminal with integrated RF and ACU, capable of delivering the industry’s highest data speeds

Satellite terminal product image of the GAT-5518, a Ka-band terminal

Next-gen, full-ITU Ka-band terminal supporting the full ITU Ka-band spectrum to maximize operational flexibility, throughput, and capacity

Satellite terminal product image of the Viasat Dual-band airborne terminal
Dual-band airborne terminals

Dual-band antennas designed for roaming between Ka- and Ku-band networks

Satellite terminal product image of the GAT-5530 aviation satcom terminal

Second generation hybrid Ka- and Ku-band aviation satcom terminal with Ku- and full ITU Ka-band satellite connectivity, including Military and Commercial-Ka

Satellite terminal product image of an L-band terminal
L-band terminals

Mobile transceivers with increased capacity for greater throughput capabilities

Ground terminal product image of a Viasat branded multi-mission terminal
Ground terminals

Multi-Mission Terminal (MMT) delivering rapidly deployable broadband for IP communications anywhere the mission leads

Product image of a black SATCOM data controller with a white Viasat logo
SATCOM Data Controller

Video data controllers for sending data over tactical all radios


Technical engineer wearing a hard hat and holding a latptop looking at a telecommunications tower at dusk
Mobile satellite services

Two-way networking for field, nomadic, and other remote operations

Product image of a dark grey satellite dish and TRIA with a white Viasat logo
Fixed broadband terminals

Fixed or semi-fixed high-speed satellite internet terminals for residential, business, and enterprise applications

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