Pilot in uniform sitting in a plane's cockpit, holding a tablet showing Viasat document management software
Document management

Provides centralized cloud-based repository to edit, track and distribute all operational and non-operational company documentation in real-time

Young blonde girl sitting on a plane, holding a baby doll and wearing headphones, streaming content on a tablet
Commercial aviation media

Integrated content and offers from third-party sponsors

Blonde woman sitting on a plate with a latptop on a tray table, surfing Facebook
Commercial aviation connectivity

Award-winning Wi-Fi that delivers the same experience in the air as at home for every passenger, every seat

Group of nine airplane technicians wearing blue uniforms working on a plane

Around-the-clock service monitoring and hands-on engineering support, 365 days a year

Female airplane technician wearing safety glasses, talking into a radio while looking at a tablet next to an airplane
Viasat Insights

Realtime data and analytics offering insights for faster, more informed decisions

Close-up of a hand interacting with a smartphone in front of a laptop while seated on a plane
Commercial aviation advertising

Reduce or offset connectivity by leveraging advertising solutions from Viasat

Blonde business woman sitting on a private jet looking at content on a tablet
Business aviation connectivity

High-speed connectivity, from takeoff to touchdown

Professional woman with black hair sitting on a private plane, listening to content on a tablet with earbuds
Business aviation media

True realtime streaming for business aviation so passengers can work, watch, and play the same in the air as on the ground

Business, enterprise, and franchise

Business woman sitting behind a computer monitor at a desk, typing on a keyboard and talking on the phone
Business internet plans

Connectivity for critical business applications including VoIP, POS transactions, cloud-based storage and collaboration, email, file transfers, IoT connectivity, and more

Close-up of a man in the military holding a smartphone horizontally in front of a laptop and american flag on a stand
Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi solutions to help extend the reach of terrestrial networks for enterprise-level businesses and organizations

A man standing in a glowing server room
Direct cloud connectivity

Enterprise-grade cloud services with a direct network connection – from a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute partner

Graphic if a Viasat satellite in space against the stars
SD-WAN integration

Virtualized TCP acceleration for enterprise businesses, tested with leading SD-WAN platforms

Man and woman standing in front of a pink wall with a large TV screen discussing business
Enterprise broadband

Broadband services for enterprise’s most difficult connectivity and network growth challenges

Home internet

Man using Viasat services to help his daughter with homework at a table covered in books and a laptop
Home internet plans

Connectivity for critical business applications including VoIP, POS transactions, cloud-based storage and collaboration, email, file transfers, IoT connectivity, and more

Viasat software shown on a laptop that's sitting on top of a table next to a green plant
Viasat browser

Faster, smarter, safe browser optimized to help reduce data usage with Viasat Internet

Family of four sitting on the couch watching soccer on TV
DISH bundle

Bundle Viasat Internet with DISH satellite TV

Viasat technician wearing a branded polo discussing Viasat services with a woman standing outside of her home

Extra support for Viasat home internet service

Woman sitting on the floor in front of a green couch, talking on the phone and writing in a book, holding a white cup
Home phone services

Unlimited local and long-distance calling and more that doesn’t count against data allowances

Young girl with long brown hair sitting on a couch next to her backpack doing homework on her laptop
Viasat Shield

Add-on service defending against common online security threats


View from an open plane door of two military personnel skydiving towards a coastline
Airborne Technology Enhancements

Dynamic video encoding, IPTV, video streaming, network support centers and more 

Silhouettes of six army men in the field at dusk with two helicopters flying away
SATCOM services

Global coverage tailored service plans, 24/7/365 network support

Various numbers spanning a screen in bright colors
Viasat ECS

Enhanced cybersecurity services combining sensitive and classified DHS cyber threat intelligence with network traffic detection capabilities

Two men and a woman, all wearing glasses, utilizing Viasat software on computers in a server room
Viasat MDPR

Managed detection and partner response with world-class SOC,  SIEM build and integration, network/endpoint detection and response, status review, and white glove support

Man wearing combat gear sitting at a small laptop, utilizing Viasat services in the field

Intelligent mobile SD-WAN networking for the simplified management of network and radio devices

Silhouette of three soliders in the field at dusk against a fading blue sky

Holistic turn-key solution for C5 from the TOC/FOB all the way to dismounted soldiers

Viasat Mercury termal free space optics
Free space optics

Expeditionary, high-capacity link offering military operators LPI/LPD connectivity at the quick-halt

Secure Wireless Hub body-worn system
Tactical edge connectivity

Ease of use, scalability, and dismounted interoperability with modern communications


Image of a yellow and grey antenna component being tested in a lab
Testing & support

Testing, maintenance, and support services for everything related to antenna systems — from ground to space

Image of a large ground station providing Viasat services, pointed up at a night sky filled with stars
Ground station as a service

Ground stations as a service enabling satellite operators t0 command, downlink, and rapidly disseminate valuable GEO, LEO, and MEO data

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