Tan colored Viasat CBM-400 commercial modem, ruggedized form factor, left angle Embeddable module of the Viasat CBM-400 modem Dark gray Viasat CBM-400 1/2 ATR chassis with a white Viasat logo

Commercial Broadband Modem 400

Multi-mission SATCOM modem

The Viasat Commercial Broadband Modem 400 (CBM-400) is an adaptable SATCOM modem platform that delivers bandwidth efficiency, interoperability,  and security to mobile, on-the-pause, and fixed communications. Benefits of the CBM-400 modem include:

  • A multi-waveform, software-defined commercial modem enabling network interoperability and operational flexibility
  • Up to 400 Mbps total throughput for enterprise applications and tactical flexibility
  • Significantly reduced integration complexity and lifecycle costs