Top view of a black KG-255X with a white Viasat logo featuring status lights, power and reset buttons, battery compartment and data ports Left side view of the KG-255X Right side view of the KG-255X Top angled view of the KG-255X Bottom view of the KG-255X featuring variuos data ports

KG-255X HAIPE and EDE-CIS Encryptor

Ultimate flexibility for tactical to enterprise data protection 

As a rugged, flexible National Security Agency (NSA)-certified High Assurance, 2 Gbps (aggregate) Inline Network Encryptor (INE), the Viasat KG-255X offers enterprise or tactical network-level Internet Protocol (IP) data protection up to Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI), helps reduce network overhead, and seamlessly integrates into networks.