Fixed broadband terminals

Viasat delivers high-performance broadband terminals for residential and enterprise ground applications

Vertically integrated for maximum bandwidth

With over two million shipped, Viasat’s fixed broadband terminals deliver exceptional, high-speed internet services to homes and businesses throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico and Australia. 


These terminals are part of an integrated Viasat network — from spacecraft to ground networks — capable of delivering fast, two-way data for web browsing, video streaming, file sharing, and other bandwidth-intensive internet applications.

View of North America from space
Gray fixed broadband terminal with TRIA and a white Viasat logo, mounted to the roof of a house against a starry night sky

Fast installation and operation

Designed for quick and reliable professional installation, our fixed broadband terminal is part of a complete system that also includes an innovative Satellite Access Node (SAN) and Network Management Systems (NMS) that facilitate subscriber management with features such as automated service provisioning, diagnostics, and customer support.


  • Viasat-1 Fixed Broadband Terminal Datasheet

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  • Viasat-2 Fixed Broadband Terminal Datasheet

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