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Multi-Mission Terminal

Transportable, Multi-Band Satellite Communications
Viasat Data Controllers

Viasat Data Controllers

Networking for Tactical Radios
Link 16 MIDS

Link 16 / Tactical Data Links

Real-Time Situational Awareness + Communications
Blue Force Tracking 2

Blue Force Tracking 2

Real-Time Situational Awareness with BFT2
ES-1200 Embeddable Security

Embeddable Security Systems

Complete Programmable Cryptographic Modules
MIDS Terminals and Radios Apache Helicopter

Link 16 / MIDS Terminals + Radios

Link 16 + Software-Defined, Multi-Channel Radios for Air, Land, + Sea
KG-250x three rack mount

Rack Mounts (1U)

Houses Multiple Inline Network Encryptors
UHF Satcom Terminals

UHF SATCOM Terminals

Shipboard + Fixed Station UHF SATCOM
KG-255X IP HAIPE Encryptor

KG-255X IP Encryption

2 Gbps IP Network Encryptor for TS/SCI


Reliable, Precision Tracking

Antenna Systems

Antenna Systems for LEO, MEO, GEO Satellites
telemetry tracking and control

Telemetry, Tracking and Command Systems

Taking Care of the Satellite in Orbit

Mobile, Transportable and Shipboard Systems

1 to 13 Meter Antennas for Mobile Applications

High-Rate Modems

Extend Data Rates for Earth Observation Applications
Antenna Controllers

Antenna Controllers

High Dynamic Systems Tracking
Eclypt Core Encryption

Eclypt Core Encrypted Internal Hard Drive

Internal Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Certified for UK, NATO, and More

Mobile Satellite Terminals

Satellite Terminals for Mobile Applications
ISR Data Links

Video / ISR Data Links

Line-of-Sight Video Data Links
Linkway S2 Mesh Modem

LinkWayS2 Modem

Tactical Network-Centric (Full-Mesh and Hub/Spoke) SATCOM Modem
high-capacity ka-band viasat-1 viasat-2

High-Capacity Satellite System

More Capacity and Throughput to Satisfy Every Customer
warfighter using next generation link 16

A New Era in Close Air Support

A New Era in Link 16 Communications
MIDS-LVT 1 Link 16

MIDS-LVT(1) - Link 16 Tactical Airborne Terminal

Link 16 for Fighter Aircraft and More
MIDS-LVT 2 Link 16

MIDS-LVT(2) Link 16 Ground Terminal

Link 16 Networking for Ground Stations + More
STT Link 16

Small Tactical Terminal (STT) KOR-24A

Link 16 + Secure VHF/UHF Line-of-Sight Networks at the Tactical Edge

Link 16 and MIDS Training

Complete Training, Customized to Meet Customer Requirements
LInk 16 MIDS Software Screens

Link 16 Software Tools

Analyze Link 16 Terminals + Networks with Software
Link 16 MIDS

Link 16 Support Equipment

Racks + Other Accessories for Use with Link 16 / MIDS Terminals

Enterprise Broadband Terminals

Fixed or Semi-Fixed High-Speed Satellite Internet Terminals
Mobile Enterprise Security

Mobile Security For Government and Tactical Networks

Cyber Protection for Mobile Devices and Networks
Network Encryption Warfighter with Laptop

Data in Transit Encryption for Governments

Flexible Secure Networking for Any Mission
Eclypt Freedom Encryption

Eclypt Freedom Encrypted External Hard Drive

External Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Certified for U.K, NATO, and More