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Data at Rest Encryption for Governments

Endpoint Protection for Multiple Classification Levels
Forward Error Correction Board

Convolutional Turbo Codes (CTCs)

Serial or Parallel Concatenated Convolution Code
Forward Error Correction Board

Reed Solomon (RS) Codes

Powerful Non-binary Cyclic Codes
Forward Error Correction Board

Bose Chaudhuri Hocquenghem (BCH) Codes

Random Error Correcting Cyclic Codes
Forward Error Correction Board

Miscellaneous Concatenated Codes

Inner and Outer Codes with Different FEC Types
FEC TPCs Board

Turbo Product Codes (TPCs)

Serially Concatenated BCH Codes
Forward Error Correction Board

Low Density Parity Check Codes (LDPCs)

FEC defined by very sparse parity check matrices
VINE Network Encryption Software

VINE Manager Software

Centrally Manage, Monitor, + Configure Viasat HAIPE INEs
Compact xPEP acceleration

xPEP TCP/IP Acceleration

Compact and Embeddable TCP/IP for Secure Networking
MIDS-LVT 1 Link 16

MIDS-LVT(1) - Link 16 Tactical Airborne Terminal

Link 16 for Fighter Aircraft and More
KG-255X IP HAIPE Encryptor

KG-255X IP Encryption

2 Gbps IP Network Encryptor for TS/SCI
telemetry tracking and control

Telemetry, Tracking and Command Systems

Taking Care of the Satellite in Orbit

Mobile, Transportable and Shipboard Systems

1 to 13 Meter Antennas for Mobile Applications
Advanced Microwave Products

Advanced Microwave Products

Custom MMICs, Modules, and RF Subsystems

Mobile Satellite Terminals

Satellite Terminals for Mobile Applications

FEC (Forward Error Correction)

Advanced Physical Layer Technologies
high-capacity ka-band viasat-1 viasat-2

High-Capacity Satellite System

More Capacity and Throughput to Satisfy Every Customer

ASICs and IP Cores

Fabless Semiconductor Designer
IP Trunking Terminal Antenna Modem and Rack

IP Trunking Terminal

MEO Satellite Ground Infrastructure
cellular network extension system

Cellular Network Extension System

Integrated cellular and satellite backhaul network
KG-250X Encryption

KG-250X/KG-250X-FC IP Encryption

200 Mbps HAIPE IP Network Encryptor for TS/SCI
Eclypt Core Encryption

Eclypt Core Encrypted Internal Hard Drive

Internal Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Certified for UK, NATO, and More
Viasat-1 Launch

ViaSat-1 Launch

Viasat-1 is Transforming the Economics and Quality of Service for Sat

Web and Network Acceleration

Improve Web Browsing and Application Performance
Blue Force Tracking 2

Blue Force Tracking 2

Real-Time Situational Awareness with BFT2

Antenna Systems

Antenna Systems for LEO, MEO, GEO Satellites

Remote Sensing Systems

Tracking Antennas for LEO, MEO, and GEO from UHF to Ka-band
DVB-S2 Product

DVB-S2 Technology

Custom Modems based on the DVB-S2 Waveform

Link 16 and MIDS Training

Complete Training, Customized to Meet Customer Requirements
Ka-band Ground Systems International Market

Ka-band Ground Systems

Integrated Ground System for High-Capacity Satellites
KG-200M Encryption

KG-200M 6U cPCI Inline Media Encryptor

TS/SCI Secure Data at Rest for 6U cPCI Computing Systems


Reliable, Precision Tracking
KG-200R Encryption

KG-200R Ruggedized Inline Media Encryptor

TS/SCI Secure Data at Rest for Aircraft and Other Tactical Platforms
IPS-250X Right Angle

IPS-250X IP Encryption

Non-CCI 200 Mbps IP Network Encryptor
UHF Satcom Terminals

UHF SATCOM Terminals

Shipboard + Fixed Station UHF SATCOM

GEO Gateway Systems

Limited Motion Systems for Ku- and C-band Applications
Antenna Controllers

Antenna Controllers

High Dynamic Systems Tracking
C4I Satcom

C4I SATCOM Networking

High-Speed Modems for Air, Land, + Sea
KS-252 Right Angle

KS-252 Ground Operating Equipment

TT&C End Cryptographic Unit
ka-band gateways va-13.5m va-91 ka-9.1m va-135 ka-13.5m

Ka-Band Gateways

Delivers High-Speed Internet for Residential, Commercial, Government
ES-1200 Embeddable Security

Embeddable Security Systems

Complete Programmable Cryptographic Modules
Mobile Enterprise Security

Mobile Security For Government and Tactical Networks

Cyber Protection for Mobile Devices and Networks
Eclypt Freedom Encryption

Eclypt Freedom Encrypted External Hard Drive

External Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Certified for U.K, NATO, and More
KG-250x three rack mount

Rack Mounts (1U)

Houses Multiple Inline Network Encryptors
MIDS-LVT 2 Link 16

MIDS-LVT(2) Link 16 Ground Terminal

Link 16 Networking for Ground Stations + More

Communications and Data Security for the United Kingdom

Powering Secure Data and Communications in the UK
Secure Data Recorder

Secure Data Recorder

Secure Video, Audio, and Data Recording for Air, Land and Maritime
STT Link 16

Small Tactical Terminal (STT) KOR-24A

Link 16 + Secure VHF/UHF Line-of-Sight Networks at the Tactical Edge

MIDS JTRS 4-Channel Radio

4-Channel Tactical Radio