Supplier Quality Documents


Quality Assurance Procurement Provisions (PR000512)

Used as a supplement to the terms and conditions of the purchase order.

Supplier Quality Survey Form (PR000540)

Approved Supplier List - Non-Franchised Distributor Authorized Suppliers, Contractor-Approved Suppliers and Test Lab Only (PR002013)

This list of approved suppliers is a subset of the Viasat ASL and Suppliers identified within are the only approved Non-Franchised Distributors and Validation Test Labs for Viasat products. This critical list supports the Viasat Counterfeit Prevention Plan.

First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) Forms and Guidelines (PR000565)

Contains requirements and processes necessary to complete a First Article Inspection Report (FAIR). At the end of this document are AS9102-acceptable First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) forms that may be used to document inspection results. The user should follow the attached examples of each form to ensure consistent data reporting.

Reach Data Collection Form (PR001165)

REACH Material Declaration Form which shall be completed by Viasat and suppliers/manufacturers upon request. This form or similar data is required for products that will ship to Europe.

Request For Source Inspection (RFS) (PR000551)

This document describes the process to be used for all suppliers when requesting Viasat Source Inspection.

Standard for Workmanship and General Practices (070-QA-044)

This document specifies standard practices to be used to achieve general workmanship criteria for electronics hardware associated with electronic assemblies, and mechanical assemblies.

Third Party Inspection Services, PWB Verification and DPA Samples (PR001362)

The document defines the process required for a third party test lab (inspection service) to perform analysis of completed Printed Wiring Boards (PWBs) to assure compliance to IPC standards and Viasat specifications.

WEEE Marking Guidelines (PR000450)

Provides marking guidelines for the WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) of electrical and electronic assemblies designed by Viasat, Inc. It applies to Viasat products that do not fall under the military, government, or fixed site exemption as determined by the guidelines set forth in Directive 2002/96/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT (WEEE).

Cpk Calculating Worksheet (PR000665)

This Excel spreadsheet is to be used when QAPP #52 Key Performance Characteristics is called out on a Viasat purchase order. The Supplier enters part dimensions into the spreadsheet which will then calculate a Cpk (process capability) index.

Environmental Quality Assurance Procurement Provisions – E-QAPP (PR000608) 

Used as an environmental supplement to the Terms and Conditions of the purchase order.

Environmental Compliance RoHS Self Certification Form (PR002005)

Environmental REACH Self Certification Form (PR002006)

Supplier Deviation Procedure (PR001403)

Supplier Procedure requesting the approval of non-conforming material.

Supplier Deviation Request Form (PR001404)

Supplier Deviation Form for non-conforming material.

REACH / RoHS Compliance Supplier Training - Options for Compliance Declarations (PR002344)

REACH / RoHS Compliance Supplier Training - Options for Compliance Declarations

Environmental Declaration for Packaging Material Template (PR000634)

Packaging Material Declaration Form used by suppliers for product packaging to assure heavy metals are not in packaging materials provided to Viasat.