What we believe

Viasat believes everyone and everything can be connected — to make the world a better place for all

Viasat is unlocking opportunity for everyone, everywhere

When Viasat looks at the world, we see nothing but opportunity waiting to be unlocked. That's why we're committed to always finding a better way to provide people and businesses with the tools and connections they need to reach their potential, no matter where they live, work, or go. And with the launch of ViaSat-3, we'll have the global reach and unprecedented bandwidth to bring the benefits of connectivity to everyone around the world — on the ground, in the air, and at sea.


We're maximizing our positive impact on people and the planet

At Viasat, we’re brought together by a shared desire to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges. To bring connectivity where it’s needed most so people everywhere can unlock their potential. And to realize our own capacity to make a difference in the world — in a way that’s sustainable, responsible, and inclusive to all.

The clear, unspoiled night dsky

Key ESG initiatives at Viasat

  • An array of solar panels

    Viasat believes in protecting the environment, promoting responsible use of resources, and empowering employees to do the right thing

  • Viasat employees volunteering in their community
    Community and charitable giving

    Viasat helps to support local communities through employee giving, volunteering, and community engagement programs

  • Viasat employees at pride week
    Diversity and inclusion

    Viasat celebrates all backgrounds, interests, and perspectives — in an environment that’s respectful and inclusive

Viasat is working to keep space safe and accessible for everyone

Space is a limited resource — and one that can benefit everyone on the planet.  That's why Viasat is working vigilantly with others around the world to help ensure it remains safe, sustainable, and equitable for science, exploration, and communications. 


Read more about our global impact

  • Connecting refugees in the Ukraine

    See how Viasat is helping Ukranian refugees stay connected with friends, family, and crucial news and information.

  • Supporting students through the pandemic

    Viasat's financial support helped one California daycare center keep 14 students learning through the pandemic

  • Helping underserved communities with telehealth

    Viasat is partnering with telehealth specialist 19Labs to connect residents of underserved communities with doctors and medical staff

  • Viasat employees give back during the holidays

    Viasat and its employees around the globe donated time and money in 2021  to help with food insecurity, homelessness, youth services, disaster relief, and more

  • A high-tech answer to fighting fires

    See how Viasat's high-speed satellite connectivity is helping firefighters track and fight fires more effectively