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Trusted Cybersecurity Services

Cyber threat protection with classified government intelligence for all US-based private and public sector enterprises

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Combining classified threat intelligence with unique detection capabilities

As the only commercial cybersecurity provider partnering with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) ECS program, Viasat’s Trusted Cybersecurity Service (TCS) combines sensitive and classified DHS cyber threat intelligence and Viasat Threat Intelligence (VTI) with our machine learning network traffic detection capabilities — providing our TCS customers with 360-degree cybersecurity.

Leveraging 30+ years of communication and security experience

Our history of building communication and encryption products for national security and defense enables us to implement TCS and provide:


  • Unique capabilities that use classified cyber threat information to protect unclassified networks
  • Augmentation (not replacement) of your existing capabilities
  • Early advanced warning against sophisticated cyber-attacks and nation state-sponsored attacks
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Trusted Cybersecurity Service benefits

  • Operational classified intel

    TCS offers a unique way to operationalize sensitive and classified Government Furnished Information (GFI) in commercial and civilian environments to detect and stop advanced persistent threats capable of bypassing your existing security technology stack.

  • Early warning

    DHS CISA shares timely, actionable, and vetted GFI with qualified CSPs. ECS provides early warning of emerging threats. Indicators appear on average 6 months before they show up in premium commercial threat feeds.

  • Low integration effort

    Viasat’s TCS is monitored, managed, maintained, and configured exclusively by our world class Viasat Cybersecurity Operations Center, giving you additional time and resources to meet your other business needs.

  • Increased visibility

    Viasat TCS can detect attacks inside your network such as ones that enter your supply chain and are hiding in plain sight. In addition, the ability to see call-out, beacons, or other to ingress and egress activity that commercial solutions can’t see.

How it works

  1. Viasat provides an API to connect your DNS traffic to Viasat’s hosted TCS.
  2. Viasat will monitor for intrusion events and validate the findings. 
  3. Viasat’s cleared security analyst will contact our customer with a TCS SOC Advisory and guided response.
  4. The Viasat SOC Advisory will provide recommended mitigation steps based on the severity and type of event, and the impacted assets.

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