Government PO certifications and documentation

Certifications and documentation

New DoD cybersecurity requirements

In 2020, the Department of Defence (DoD) will require defense contractors to be certified in accordance with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification. This new policy is in addition to requirements stated under DFARS 252.204-7012. The policy and updates can be referenced here.


Cert and disclosure regarding payments to Influence certain federal transactions (PR001732)

As required per (FAR 52.203-12), this certificate shall be signed and returned with quotations that exceed $150,000 in support of a FAR12 or FAR15 procurement


Commercial item definition (PR001733)

Used in conjunction with General Terms and Conditions of Solicitation/Purchase, Part 1


Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) notice and certification (PR000935)

When requested, supplier to provide the requested information in order to determine Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) requirements applicable to a purchase order award


Entertainment and gifts - Viasat policy (070PR034)

Applicable to all suppliers who do business with Viasat


FOCI criteria (PR000305)

To be signed by supplier if company is under foreign ownership, control or influence, or whenever a foreign interest has the power


Truth In Negotiations Act (TINA) certificate of current cost or pricing data (PR001238)

When requested, supplier to sign and return this certification regarding current cost or pricing data related to a specific purchase order award


Viasat supply chain DFARS assessment (PR002256)

To be signed by the supplier. Self-Certification of Compliance/Non-Compliance with DFARS 252.204-7012 and associated cybersecurity standards


Supplier assertion of commerciality (PR000616)

To be signed by the supplier in the event that a commercial procurement is being made in the service of a U.S. Government Contract


California transparency in supply chains act disclosure

Viasat's disclosure regarding business conduct guidelines and policy for complying with laws regarding forced labor and human trafficking