Front left angled view of a black BATS-D AN/PRC -161 handheld radio with antennas attached Front right angled view of the BATS-D  handheld radio for battlefield awareness, without antennas attached Back view of the BATS-D handheld radio Front view of the BATS-D battlefield awareness radio without antennas attached

Battlefield Awareness and Targeting System - Dismounted (BATS-D)

Air/ground situational awareness in a handheld form factor

The world's first and only handheld Link 16 radio, the Viasat BATS-D is a life-saving radio that we’ve put directly into the hands of warfighters. The Viasat BATS-D bridges a critical gap between air and ground forces by seamlessly integrating situational awareness data so all operators are accounted for in the common operational picture. The radio revolutionizes missions and makes new kinds of operations possible, including:

  • Digitally-aided close air support
  • Other call for fires (artillery/rockets)
  • Digitally-enabled command and control
  • Combat search and rescue
  • MedEvac