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Link 16 software tools

A full range of software tools for monitoring and management of Link 16 terminals and networks 

Link 16 terminals and networks

Situations shift and change quickly on the battlespace. It’s important to know your technology is enabled and ready for action at a moment’s notice. That’s why Viasat offers a full range of software tools to help you monitor, analyze, test, troubleshoot, and manage your Link 16 terminals and networks. Learn more about the wide range of software tools available




ARMS Software

(Amalgamated Remote Management System)

Software for planning, managing, and troubleshooting Tactical Data Link networks

LEGS Software

(Link 16 Environment Gateway Stimulator)

Software for terminal control, monitoring, and status


(Link 16 Flight-line Tool)

Software for "Go/No-Go" testing and troubleshooting

Link 16 Navigation Test Set

(LEGS Upgrade)

High-fidelity "rest of the world" environment for stimulating MIDS RELNAV function and validating host-aided navigation

TOES Software

(Terminal Operational Environment Simulator)

Software to create a robust test environment, validate network designs, and perform data exchange

FACE Software

(Functional Abstracted Control Environment)

Software to translate situational awareness information to Link 16 equipped terminals, to non-compatible systems.

Case study - German Air Force

Discover how Viasat’s Amalgamated Remote Management System (ARMS) Enabled Real-Time Frequency Clearance Agreement (FCA) Compliance Monitoring for the German Air Force.

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