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High-Speed Internet Service for Business and VIP Aviation

Life and Business Don’t Stop at 40,000 Feet

Now, neither does high-speed internet. Viasat Ka-band’s powerful capacity is the engine behind unparalleled speeds. Viasat is bringing its internet service with unparalleled speeds and best-in-market pricing to the business jet market. With more Ka-band capacity than any other in-flight Wi-Fi provider, Viasat enables business and private jet users to stay connected to what’s important.

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Unlock the Value of the Viasat Difference

Viasat offers a high-quality service today over land and water for business jets. Already supporting hundreds of aircraft on our global Ku-band network, you can do all of your normal office tasks plus streaming media and teleconferencing.

Viasat has redefined in-flight internet on commercial airlines with high-capacity Ka-band satellite service, eclipsing the speed and quality of other in-cabin services. Now, this award-winning service is available for business aviation to meet the drastically increasing demand for data. In addition to everyday web browsing, email, and corporate VPN access, passengers can conduct multisite video conferences plus stream music, video, and TV. The service is available during all phases of flight including taxi, takeoff, and landing, across the globe. Additionally, Viasat is working to protect your investment by ensuring that the Ka-band equipment installed today will work with tomorrow’s advanced technology.

Viasat Ka-band solution offers:

  • Fast speeds: Do more with speeds of up to 16 Mbps during all phases of flight. Stream, conference and surf — from takeoff to touchdown – and coverage over 90% of the world’s most popular flight paths ensures the best user experience over the most congested routes.
  • Forward-compatible: Protect your investment. Viasat’s Ka-band equipment will work with our enhanced satellite technology of tomorrow* allowing you to accommodate the increased demand for speed, capacity and performance.
  • Unrivaled capacity: Take advantage of global bandwidth and speed powered by the world’s highest capacity satellite network. Capacity is the engine behind high-speed internet.
  • Streaming live TV: Enjoy streaming high definition live to TV to cabin monitors and to passengers’ own devices. Streaming TV does not impact your data plan allocation.

Stay connected. Globally. Explore our worldwide network management

Viasat Dual-band solution is intelligently designed to provide the fastest speeds available, globally. The high capacity dual-band solution continuously navigates between Ka-and Ku-band networks bringing the best internet experience to everyone on board. Dual-band service provides speeds up to 16 Mbps while in the Ka-band network, and up to 6 Mbps in the Ku-band networks. The intelligent system will automatically default to Ka-band and leverage the Ku-band back-up service when outside of the growing Ka-band footprint.

In-flight connectivity is available during all phases of flight and ground operations including taxi, takeoff, and landing, so passengers can conference, surf, stream just like they would in their office. Regardless of where your aircraft is in the world, you are assured of our commitment to keep you connected.

The network operations center monitors our satellite network and offers operational support based on a customer’s individual needs - 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week network monitoring for all service levels.