Office in the sky takes on a whole new meaning
Stay productive and entertained on your aircraft
Stay productive and entertained on your aircraft

High-Speed Internet Service for Business and VIP Aviation

The Smarter Choice for In-Flight Internet

Being in the air doesn’t have to mean leaving your well-connected workspace and entertainment content behind. With ViaSat in-flight internet services for general aviation, aircraft owners, guests, and staff can use the internet the way they want.

Today's Fastest Internet

ViaSat offers today's fastest service over land and water for business jets. We deliver an unmatched internet experience to hundreds of aircraft on our global Ku-band network. You can do all of your normal office tasks plus streaming media and teleconferencing. 

We have also redefined in-flight internet on commercial airlines and is now offering this award-winning technology for business aviation. Supported by ViaSat's network of the world’s highest-capacity Ka-band satellites and our near-global Ku-band network, your most demanding applications will be available when you fly. Now, everyone on board can be more productive and entertained:

  • Conduct HD videoconferences
  • Stream music
  • Watch HD IPTV and videos
  • Connect to corporate VPNs
  • Browse the web
  • Send and receive email and files at speeds you never thought possible

ViaSat Advantages

ViaSat in-flight internet services for business aviation benefit from our continuous investment in network coverage, security, operations, and data capacity. No matter which plan is right for you, the advantage is clear.

  • In-flight internet based on the highest-capacity Ka-band satellites, already in operation on commercial airlines
  • Proven global Ku-band satellite service on thousands of aircraft and maritime vessels
  • Predictable monthly fees allow for better budget planning
  • Service available through all phases of flight including taxi, takeoff, and landing
  • Coverage over 90% of the world’s most popular flight paths ensures the best user experience over the most congested routes

Worldwide Network Management

Regardless of where your aircraft is located, you are assured of our commitment to keep you connected. The network operations center monitors our satellite network and offers operational support based on a customer’s individual needs.

  • 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week network monitoring for all service levels
  • Enhanced customer care for Yonder VIP and optional on Yonder Premium – priority phone and escalation support as well as pre- and post-flight checks and preventative maintenance


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