Rural Colorado customer stays connected with home satellite internet from Viasat

"Viasat really does give me the freedom to live remotely."

Viasat Internet customer, Leslie Murray, connects at her home and business in rural Park County, CO with Viasat's high-speed satellite internet.


Staying connected with rural internet

"I use internet almost the entire time I'm home... Even if I'm not at my computer, I always have music streaming. And at work, it keeps my computers, payment terminals, and printers all working — everything I need to keep my business running smoothly."

Having reliable connectivity allows me to spend time here at the cabin where I love it so much and be able to be productive for my business. It really does give me the freedom to live remotely.

Viasat satellite internet being installed in rural Colorado

Why Leslie chose Viasat


  • Leslie's previous internet didn't keep her consistently connected, which led to a loss of business income. Viasat's service has been dependable from the start, keeping Leslie connected at home and in her pub.

Proven service

  • After researching and talking to her neighbors about their internet experiences, Leslie went with the stand-out choice — Viasat. 

Fast installation

  • With professional installation typically within 3-5 days, Leslie didn't have to wait long to get connected in her rural location.


The experience with installation was very smooth. The installer showed up in a timely manner. It was pretty seamless.

How Leslie uses Viasat

For home

"Having reliable connectivity allows me to spend time here at the cabin where I love it so much... [and] to be able to manage my business from home... gives me the freedom to not be there 7 days a week."

For business

"I'm using connectivity throughout the bar for the cash terminals, the processing of payments, jukebox, the ATM, security alarm systems..."

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