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Viasat's satellite internet service

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High-speed internet to 99% of the U.S.

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Plus, get free professional installation§

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*Only available on select residential service plans.

Here's a quick look at speed and data options on our home internet plans

All plans include Unlimited Standard Data, plus free professional installation for qualifying customers.

download speeds up to

100-150 Mbps

300 - 500 GB
High-Speed Data




 Work or school from home




download speeds up to

50-75 Mbps

100 - 150 GB
High-Speed Data



Essential internet activities

 Light streaming

 1 - 3 people



download speeds up to

12-25 Mbps

40 - 60 GB
High-Speed Data



Email and chat

 Web browsing

 1 person



After you use all of your High-Speed Data, you still have unlimited access to Standard Data which may result in a lower speed. Service speeds and availability vary by location.

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Viasat Internet service plans give you more options to fit your needs

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    Built-in Wi-Fi

    All plans include built-in Wi-Fi so you can stay connected anywhere in your home.

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    Flexible streaming

    Flexible streaming options, with the ability to stream up to 4K on select plans.

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    Free professional installation*

    Viasat offers free professional satellite installation to help ensure optimal service.

Say goodbye to slow, unreliable internet. Get connected – hassle-free.

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Fast internet

Viasat delivers the speed and dependability you need no matter where you live, with speeds up to 100+ Mbps available in select areas.

Woman on tablet enjoying Wi-Fi
More flexibility

Viasat's plans give you more options for managing your data and streaming video resolution.

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Quick installation

Connect without the long wait. Getting online is simple and fast, with free professional installation* typically within 3-5 days.

Man and a child using Wi-Fi on a tablet

Fast plans and big savings – get your deal today!

Everyone should be able to connect to the internet, no matter where they live.  That's why we bring fast internet where cable can't, with service available to 99% of the U.S. population.


Fast, reliable internet isn't just nice to have – it's essential.  Get connected today and get access to the important things like working, learning, banking, and more, online.

Eligible households save even more on home internet with the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). 

See if you qualify.

Depending on the specific unlimited data service plan available at your location, after you use the following amount of High-Speed Data, you will continue to receive unlimited data (referred to as “Standard Data”); however, Viasat may prioritize Standard Data behind other customers during network congestion, which will result in slower speeds: Choice 12 Mbps/60 GB (60 GB); Choice 25 Mbps/40 GB (40 GB); Choice 25 Mbps/60 GB (60 GB); Choice 25 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/60 GB (60 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); Choice 30 Mbps/500 GB (500 GB); Choice 35 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 35 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); Choice 40 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 40 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/60 GB (60 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); Choice 50 Mbps/500 GB (500 GB); Choice 75 Mbps/100 GB (100 GB); Choice 75 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 100 Mbps/150 GB (150 GB); Choice 100 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); Choice 100 Mbps/500 GB (500 GB); Choice 125 Mbps/300 GB (300GB); Choice 150 Mbps/300 GB (300 GB); and Choice 150 Mbps/500 GB (500 GB); Bronze 12 (35 GB, 40 GB or 80 GB, depending on your specific plan); Silver 12 (45 GB); Gold 12 (65 GB); Bronze 25 (35 GB); Silver 25 (60 GB, 100 GB or 120 GB depending on your specific plan); Gold 30 (100 GB or 200 GB depending on your specific plan); Gold 50 (100 GB or 200 GB depending on your specific plan); Platinum 30 (150 GB), Platinum 50 (150 GB), Platinum 100 (150 GB or 300 GB depending on your specific plan), Diamond 30 (300 GB), Diamond 50 (300 GB); and Diamond 100 (300 GB); Discovery 25 Mbps / 100 GB (100 GB); Discovery 50 Mbps / 200 GB (200 GB); Discovery 100 Mbps / 400 GB (400 GB); and Discovery 150 Unlimited Plan (1 TB).

Minimum 24-month service term. Monthly service fee, equipment lease fee and taxes apply. Service and promotional offers are not available in all areas. Offer may be changed or withdrawn at any time.

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