Connectivity in
the field

Oil and Gas Services

Connectivity In The Field

In the field, the ever increasing need for reliable, accurate, and timely information is absolutely critical. It can mean the difference in knowing the most efficient use of resources for drilling and seismic activities, advances in exploration and production technologies, remote pipeline monitoring, and more. The industry’s use of older satellite technologies has also run into congestion and capacity issues, and the speed of information flow is slow.

Exede Enterprise services from Viasat offers the oil and gas industry fast, reliable internet access so remote teams maximize their output even under the most difficult scenarios. Our M2M services provide remote asset management and operations to reduce costs and manpower while increasing reliability and efficiency of remote pipeline monitoring.  

  • Seismic/acquisition. Transmitting high volumes of sensor data instantly for rapid analyses
  • Video delivery. Streaming real-time video for viewing rig site operations and production and site security
  • Communications. Seamless VoIP phone and fax over IP
  • VPN support. Connecting to VPNs and the Internet backbone with no significant dip in performance
  • Reporting. Instant delivery of production reports ensures maximum efficiency
  • Scalability and manageability. No reconfiguration of the network or complicated link re-provisioning for service expansion
  • Managed Wi-Fi. Extends the broadband internet connection to everyone onsite