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Whether you are looking for an overview of Viasat’s leading business aviation platform or more information about our extensive in-flight technologies and powerful network solutions, you will find what you need in our brochures, whitepapers, and product overviews. Take a 3D tour of Viasat’s business aviation solutions today.

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Viasat Select

With Viasat Select Ka-band Direct Service you’ll get out-of-this-world speeds at down-to-earth pricing. Plus, you’ll enjoy 24x7x365 end-to-end support all from one provider.

internet solutions offer an unrivaled in-flight connectivity experience
Business aviation overview

Viasat Business Aviation’s powerful and high-performing internet solutions offer an unrivaled in-flight connectivity experience on private jets. 

Viasat VIP service
VIP connectivity solution

Viasat VIP service, designed for transport category aircraft, offers the fastest connectivity speeds for private aircraft around the globe and through all phases of flight.

KA Band Overview
Ka-band overview

Learn more about Viasat’s Ka-band solution now with no speed limits.

Ka and Ku-bands
Dual-band overview

Viasat combines Ka and Ku-bands for the best combination of coverage and speed. 

Ku-Advanced in-flight
Ku-Advanced in-flight connectivity solution

With nearly global coverage Viasat’s Ku-Advanced is a great in-flight connectivity solution. 

fully managed internet connectivity network
Viasat Select Router Datasheet

The Viasat Select Router, delivers a fully managed internet connectivity network inside the aircraft cabin. 

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Viasat Learning Hub

Visit our custom Learning Hub to watch informative videos that help you learn more about our advanced business aviation Wi-Fi solutions, unparalled capacity and superior technology. 

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