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Unrivaled capacity for a game-changing aviation experience

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience to deliver home-quality Wi-Fi in the air

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We’re reimagining what’s possible with in-flight Wi-Fi

Viasat is pushing the boundaries of in-flight Wi-Fi. With unrivaled speed and capacity today — Viasat helps passengers, pilots, and crew stay connected to make the most of their time. All delivered with peace of mind that your investment is protected — because today’s technology is forward-compatible with our next-generation satellites.

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Commercial aviation solutions from a global visionary

Viasat brings best-in-class in-flight Wi-Fi to full-service, regional, and low-cost carriers — with flexible business models to meet the unique needs of our aviation customers. As a vertically integrated, end-to-end provider with a proven record of performance, Viasat can help you optimize our unparalleled capacity and efficiencies to meet your financial goals alongside travelers’ demands.

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    See how Viasat is uniquely positioned to help your air operation serve today’s “always on” connected customer and improve passenger loyalty.

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    Enhance the traveler experience with unified media solutions that bring together the best of stored content, live television and streaming services.

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    Flight operations

    Make better data-driven decisions to reduce costs and improve collabration with our connected crew collaboration

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    Maximize the performance of your connected solutions with around-the-clock monitoring and hands-on support services.

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    Harness the power of connectivity to unlock new revenue generation opportunities with advertising solutions from Viasat.

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    Get more information, tools and resources — and see what makes Viasat the best Wi-Fi in the sky.

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Truly unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi for business aviation

Viasat delivers a truly unthrottled experience. Work and stream in real time — we’re changing the game with the fastest in-flight Wi-fi available today for charters, private owners, and corporate fleets. Plus the equipment you install today is forward compatible with our even higher capacity next-generation satellites to help protect your investment. 



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    From Ku and Ka to dual-band solutions, Viasat has the hardware and plans to keep you and your global business aviation passengers connected and productive.

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    Viasat is bringing true real time streaming to business aviation so passengers can work, watch, and play the same in the air as on the ground.

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    Become a partner

    We’re partnering with best-in-class MRO businesses to help better serve end-users. See if we’re a good fit for your organization.

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    Use our solution finder to find the in-flight Wi-Fi solution that’s right for your business or private jet, and get in touch with our 24/7 tech support.

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    We have ebooks, white papers, brochures, and other valuable resources to help you learn more and make the right in-flight Wi-Fi decision for your business operation or private jet.

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Government and defense aviation

Our mobile broadband service powers media-enabled two-way IP communications in light to large aircraft, helicopters, ground vehicles, and maritime vessels, so commanders and government leaders can stay productive while on the go — with the speed to turn your aircraft into a TOC or office in the sky.