Antenna Systems Overview

Antenna Systems Overview

Satellite Antenna Systems To Fit Your Application

From our past work, we’ve developed a set of antenna system “building blocks” – reflectors, feeds, mounts, servo controls, converters, modems, monitor and control (M&C) software – that enable us to quickly put together systems for any application. Here are a few examples:

  • New 7.3 meter satellite antenna with dual X-band/S-band feed enables the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) to download satellite imagery (remote sensing) at high speeds and perform Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C) with one antenna.

  • DIRECTV chose our 9.1-meter Ka-band satellite earth station system to expand its high-definition television services onto advanced Ka-band satellites.

  • Upgrades of the Navy Communications Data Link System (CDLS) use our small, custom-designed mobile satellite antenna for shipboard reception of ISR data from aircraft.

  • O3b Ka-band Gateway and Tier 1 tracking antennas. Read an update on this system development.


Large full and limited-motion satellite antennas

Worldwide installations include thousands of limited motion antenna systems and over 550 full-motion antenna systems, for both government satcom and commercial customers. Our total of more than 55 remote sensing antenna systems is more than any other provider. And we provide application specific hardware and software for "RF-to-bits" systems.

Outdoor test facilities include a multi-system, five-pad boresite range, 1500-foot ground reflection or elevated pattern range, and elevated five-site control room and test equipment for 1-30 GHz RF measurement.

Gateway/GEO Satcom - C, Ku Telemetry
Gateways - Ka-band Transportable
IP Trunking Terminal Mobile
Remote Sensing Antenna Controllers
TT&C High Rate Modems



  7.3 meter Ku-band antenna with de-icing encloser on reflector


New and custom satellite communication antennas

Though we’re proud of our heritage in large satellite antennas, we’re constantly developing new products and adapting our antenna know-how to customers building new generation, custom systems as well. Along with our subsidiaries, we can create electronic antennas such as phased array systems too.

Mobile Satellite Antennas

ViaSat paves the way with mobile broadband antennas that deliver two-way IP communications in light to large aircraft, ground vehicles, and maritime vessels, keeping users productive and informed on numerous mobile commercial and military platforms. Whether you're at 40,000 feet or driving leisurely through the countryside, we keep you connected.

Service & Maintenance

We offer installation, integration, upgrades, field service and support of your L-, S-, X-, and Ka-band systems worldwide.

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