Small business supplier registration

Viasat is a large corporation made up of multiple business areas. In order to get routed to, and/or connected to the appropriate decision maker(s), please identify your target area of interest.


Submission of your registration does not constitute approval of your firm as a Viasat Supplier nor obligate Viasat to solicit request for quotation. The data you provide here will be used to evaluate the potential of your firm as a Viasat Supplier.


By submitting on this page, a Viasat representative may contact you concerning your question or to provide support. For more information about your privacy rights, visit Viasat’s Privacy Statement.

Notice: Under 13 CFR 124.6, any person or entity that intentionally misrepresents the business size or status of any concern to obtain contracting opportunities may be subject to fine, imprisonment, or both, administrative remedies, suspension and debarment, and ineligibility for participation in any Federal program. If your company has more than one office, enter the main office address.

You may be required to be registered in SAM to be considered for a federal subcontract.