Connectivity for all

Viasat combines innovation, determination and expertise to connect those who need it most

We’re not not afraid of challenging the status quo on our way to solving some of the world’s hardest communications problems. With each generation of broadband satellite technology, we’re advancing the capacity of our satellite systems to make the internet accessible, available and affordable – for all.

man with tablet connecting through satellite systems

Our growing satellite constellation

We’re putting our innovation into practice with a rapidly expanding constellation of high-capacity satellites

Our satellite constellation is singular in its ability to deliver:

  • High capacity: We have the highest capacity satellites in the world
  • Flexibility: We dynamically reallocate bandwidth to meet end-user demand
  • Scalability: Our global constellation to brings the world online
  • Affordability: It’s economically sustainable to serve all markets
  • Space safety: We’re meeting and exceeding critical space safety measures
Man sitting back in a field, wearing a beanie cap, looking up at stars in the sky

Our space systems technologies

  • GEO satellite systems
    GEO satellites

    See our next-gen geostationary broadband satellites, powering Viasat’s most advanced satellite internet network

  • LEO satellite systems
    LEO/small sats

    Explore our innovative, low-earth orbit small satellites to secure government communications

  • satellite systems antenna
    Ground networks

    Learn more about our integrated ground systems for high-quality broadband internet experiences

  • Intersatellite comms

    See how we’re leveraging intersatellite communications to help improve latency issues and more