The new ViaSat-3 constellation brings high-speed, global connetiivity to people and places around the world

Unlocking opportunity for everyone, everything, everywhere

See why Euroconsult has named Viasat one of the leading space companies in the world

Our global impact

By making broadband connectivity accessible to people, businesses, and governments  in regions where traditional terrestrial and wireless connectivity are either non-existent or cost prohibitive, Viasat is a leading space company helping to bridge the digital divide and improve education, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, and more — around the world.

  • Earth from space,  where Viasat is bringing high-bandwidth, low cost connectivity where it's needed most
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  • A remote farm in Brazil, connected by Viasat satellite internet
    The economic benefits of digital inclusion

    See how Viasat's efforts to connect the world's hardest to reach places are sparking economic growth around the world

  • Viasat's large-aperature 20- and 24-meter antennas seen at our Duluth, Georgia facility
    Bigger antennas, bigger opportunities

    See how Viasat's large aperature antennas are opening new opportunities for missions to the moon, Mars, and beyond

  • Podcast: A look ahead with COO Kevin Harkenrider

    Chief Operating Officer Kevin Harkenrider discusses how Viasat is preparing to launch and monetize ViaSat-3

  • A major milestone for ViaSat-3

    See what it means for ViaSat-3 to enter the testing phase prior to launch

  • Viasat Managing Director Government systems - australia Rob Teasedale, with a quote saying "Australia has made its determination on which big platforms to buy. what's next is choosing the interoperable glue that intergrates the information between these platforms."
    Large opportunities in Australia

    Government Systems lead in Australia Rob Teasdale discusses how Viasat aims to be a partner, not just a provider, with the Australian military

  • woman at her bar using Viasat high-speed satellite internet to help run her business
    Rocky mountain high-speed internet

    Viasat  is helping bridge the digital divide by  connecting  pub owner Leslie Murray at work — and at home

  • A picture of hurricane Ida striking a coastal community in Lousiana with damaging floods and high winds
    Helping hurricane victims get back to business

    See how Viasat satellite internet helped Louisiana hurricane victims restore and recover

  • Viasat's new real-time earth ground station antennas in Ghana
    Advancing RTE coverage — and Ghana's space industry

    Viasat's new Real-Time Earth facility in Ghana is helping expand coverage while also supporting Africa's growing space industry

  • an air ambulance using Viasat satellite connectivity to enable telehealth and improve outcomes  for airlift patients while in transit
    Improving en route care by enabling telemedicine

    See how satellite technology is helping first responders stay in close touch with doctors while en route to the hospital.

  • A picture of idyllic rural New Hampshire, home of Camp Wa-Klo on the banks of Thorndike Pond
    No cell, no cable, no problem

    Camp Wa-Klo's remote site is one of the keys to its success — and Viasat satellite internet is key to  keeping the business up and running.

  • The mobile Viasat and Amazon Web Service connectivity solution consisting of an antenna, mobile dish,  hardware for the Net Agility software to run on, and ELITE peripherals — deployed on a pickup truck
    Be prepared: Empowering the tactical edge in the Pactific theater

    Viasat is helping connect frontline forces on land, at sea, in the air, in space, and in cyberspace.

  • A girl on her laptop, connecting to the internet for school using Viasat satellite internet
    Our partly connected world

    The digital divide is closing — but there's still work to be done.

  • Viasat's European offices in Lausanne, Switzerland, overlooking Lake Geneva
    Helping meet Europe's broadband goals

    See how Viasat plans to dramatically improve connectivity in the next few years for Europe — and the rest of the world.

  • Viasat's revolutionary waveform and hardware deployed on a rotary aircraft to enable uninterrupted  in-flight connectivity
    Breaking through the blade barrier

    For military helicopter missions, SATCOM can mean the difference between life and death — and Viasat is at the cutting edge of making this possible.

  • a physician talking on the phone, connected by Viasat's reliable satellite-based connectivity solutions
    For healthcare, communication is key

    See how Viasat is helping Teleria diversify communication connections for healthcare providers  to avoid putting lives or patient data at risk.

Connecting the world in a way that's responsible, sustainable, and inclusive

Viasat is advancing the capacity of satellite systems to make connectivity more accessible, available, and affordable — and we're doing it in a way that's responsible, sustainable, and inclusive. For people, for space, and for  the environment. Because we believe aligning our business strategy with our environmental, social, and governance strategy benefits everyone.

A picture of planet earth from space

Changing the way the world connects

ViaSat-3 brings unprecedented capacity to transform business, life, and leisure for our customers — and the world

Viasat is a leading space company, with a  next-generation satellite constellation capable of delivering:

  • High capacity. We have the highest capacity satellites in the world
  • Flexibility. We can easily reallocate bandwidth to dynamically shift supply to meet end-user demand
  • Scalability. Our global constellation has the capacity to support multiple markets worldwide
  • Affordability. ViaSat-3 makes it economically sustainable to serve all markets
  • Space safety. We’re meeting and exceeding critical space safety measures
A picture of earth from space, being connected in some of the hardest to reach places by ViaSat-3

Driven by a relentless desire to always find a better way

At Viasat, we work as one team to tackle some of the world's hardest challenges — because we believe the work we do is critically important to helping people, businesses, and governments around the globe unlock new opportunities. We are here to push the limits of what's possible, and change where and how the world connects and communicates.

A picture of space and the stars in the night sky

Learn more about our space systems technologies

  • GEO satellite systems
    GEO satellites

    Our next-gen geostationary broadband satellite power Viasat’s most advanced satellite internet network

  • LEO satellite systems
    Low earth orbit (LEO) and small satellites

    Viasat's innovative, low-earth orbit small satellites help secure government communications

  • satellite systems antenna
    Ground networks

    Our  integrated ground systems deliver high-quality broadband internet experiences around the world

  • Intersatellite comms

    See how we’re leveraging intersatellite communications to help improve latency issues and more