Field Service Management (FSM)

How you plan on using FSM

Select "Dispatcher" if you are a Self-Installing Dealer and preform the following Dealership job functions: Owner*, Sales Agent, Order Scheduler/Dispatcher.

Note: A Dealership owner who is also an installer will have two accounts in FSM - one for the Dealer Role and one for the Installer Role; therefore two separate forms must be completed.

Select "Installer" if you are an Installer working in the Self-Installing Dealership. Select "Sales Only User" if you are a Sales Only Dealer and perform the following Dealership job functions: Owner, Sales Agent.

General Information

Personal Information

Note: A single person cannot be granted access to work orders in FSM without providing individual specific information. There can be multiple employees that work for a dealership. Each employee needs their own login credentials for compliance and security reasons.

This is the email address of the account user, not the Dealership. Each FSM account should have a unique email address.