Enhancing events for audiences and sponsors

Live Events

Connecting Audiences and Sponsors

Event organizers are looking for ways to reach more audiences, enhance the experience for those in attendance, and provide greater value for sponsors. Whether it is a major sporting event or local concert, the event can be enriched through connectivity both at the event and streaming it live. Viasat makes this happen with our high-speed internet service that can be set up in any location and managed Wi-Fi to extend the onsite connection. Now, the event can run more efficiently with electronic tickets; sponsors and vendors have access to more easily promote and sell their products; and attendees can share the event through social media. 

  • Event Organizers. Improve operations with better connectivity to staff through internet, voice and radio, and security using surveillance and asset tracking
  • Spectators. High-speed Wi-Fi so spectators stay more engaged at the event – anywhere at the event – for a great experience 
  • Broadcasters. Production staff can deliver live video feeds, perform graphics editing, and more over an HD-quality connection
  • Vendors. Credit card transactions, access to enterprise CRMs, order processing, and inventory tracking systems, all over high-speed internet 
  • Sponsors. Staff and exhibit spaces can provide a more interactive experience for guests