Exede Enterprise - Emergency Response

Exede Enterprise - Emergency Response

Delivering Essential Communications Access

In emergency response, communications can mean the difference between life and death. It is essential that responders can quickly, efficiently, and affordably connect back to central offices as well as to each other in the field.

In many cases after disaster strikes, the terrestrial infrastructure is rendered unusable or is insufficient to handle increased demands. Communications over satellite is the main alternative, however traditional satellite services have been expensive and the data transmission rates limited.

Rapidly Deployable Portable Internet Access

Exede® Enterprise services from ViaSat are changing the way responders communicate, whether in the heart of a major city or beyond terrestrial communications. Distributed relief organizations can now send more information at a faster rate while managing costs through a managed satellite service that eliminates the need to maintain satellite hub and gateway equipment or purchase satellite bandwidth.

The reliable and redundant communications network uses the world's highest capacity satellite, ViaSat-1, to deliver high-speed Internet access and support real-time applications such as voice, video, and chat to form the communications backbone for disaster relief efforts.

Send live video from the disaster site to better assess the needs of the community. Video and voice conferences help implement strategies to serve those in need more quickly and effectively than before.

  • High data rates for improved information flow and coordination
  • Rapidly scalable to meet the needs of large and small response efforts
  • Easy to use for local workers and volunteers without formal training
  • Portable, fixed, and auto-acquire terminals available to meet the needs of any situation
  • Cost-effective satellite time and equipment to maximize response capabilities

With Exede, first responders are equipped to focus on what matters most - helping those in need.

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