The global ViaSat-3 constellation of satellites as seen from space

Our global network

The ViaSat-3 constellation is expected to help bring virtually continuous coverage to nearly all the populated world

A picture of a business worker, wind farm, and individual connecting to the internet using the global ViaSat-3 service

Near-global coverage from a constellation of three satellites

The ViaSat-3 constellation is expected to help foster digital inclusion around the world for many of the 2.7 billion people who are currently unserved or underserved.


Our network is expected to be available to 99% of the populated world, bringing high-quality, affordable connectivity to people, businesses, and communities — delivering satellite internet to remote communities, connecting militaries in real-time on the battlefield, enabling satellite-to-satellite networking for global,  on-demand data access, and providing connectivity for global land, air, and sea routes.

What's exciting about the ViaSat-3 constellation's near global coverage?

A portrait of Shawn Duffy

Shawn Duffy, CFO


ViaSat-3 is clearly about connecting everyone everywhere, but it's more than that. It's enabling everyone everywhere. That's what digital inclusion is about. It's about enabling people no matter where they are to have access to tools and resources.

A portrait of Evan Dixon

Exan Dixon, President, Global Fixed Broadband


Nearly 3 billion people do not have access to broadband or can't afford it. Once we’ve launched the entire constellation, we're going to have the ability to provide connectivity to just about all 3 billion of those people.

A portrait of Jim Gosnell

Jim Gosnell, ViaSat-3 Program Manager


We can make a huge difference in how the world responds to emergencies; one of the first things a natural disaster takes out is the communication networks. But when you have the capability of a ViaSat-3 constellation you can put up a dish very quickly to connect to a satellite, to help save lives and help communities rebuild.

Portraid of Jimmy Dodd

Jimmy Dodd, President Global Enterprise & Mobiility


It’s going to be a game changer, being able to support so many diverse markets in so many different geographic locations. It's the breadth and magnitude of what we can do as we get global coverage.

A portrait of Evangela Rodgers

Evangela Rodgers, Marketing Lead, Space & Commercial Networks


It's an alarming statistic when you hear two thirds of the Earth's schoolchildren are without internet connectivity. Digital inclusion means bridging the gap between individuals that don't necessarily have connectivity or otherwise would not have it.

A portrait of Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson, Engineering Director


There are more international companies than ever before — and governments and militaries are looking at global battlefields. The ability to connect through the same network, on the same platform, regardless of where you are, is huge.

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