Real-time fixed and mobile IP satellite communications
Real-time fixed and mobile IP satellite communications
Real-time fixed and mobile IP satellite communications

Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Real-Time Fixed and Mobile IP Satellite Communications

Viasat L-band Managed Services meets the need for real-time position tracking, managing remote assets and operations, and visibility into critical areas of the supply chain. Use our high-performance M2M terminals for a broad range of applications including emergency responders, oil and gas pipeline monitoring, mobile fleet management, and high-value asset tracking.

Through our partnerships with Ligado Networks (formerly Lightsquared) and Thuraya, the Viasat service is offered worldwide for a broad range of fixed and mobile applications in energy, utility, logistics, and enterprise markets.

Improving Connections for Many Applications 

  • Healthcare. While en route, helicopter and ground ambulances can send patient details over the satellite channel, securely transmitting information to hospital IT systems, applications, and databases.
  • SCADA. Low profile plug and play devices offer utility operators and customers monitoring and command-and-control messages through a secure network infrastructure.
  • Law enforcement. A patrolman outside his vehicle can use a tablet running a computer-aided dispatch application to wirelessly access information in the headquarters database or receive updates on a suspect.
  • Aeronautical. While in flight, a helicopter pilot can receive weather data while talking to the control center.
  • Fleet management. Provide runtime telematics for a vehicle, locomotive, or electric motor powering a drilling site to a monitoring crew or manufacturer. Improve maintenance programs by increasing equipment uptime.
  • Wi-Fi enabled applications. Use wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones to access corporate intranets and databases, or receive other information that helps you perform more effectively from a remote location.

L-band Managed Services Advantages

99.9% Network Availability

Real-Time Messaging with Latency Less Than 800 Milliseconds

Extend and Enhance Terrestrial and Cellular Services

Static IP Addressing to Eliminate Polling Delays

Cost to Communicate Is Greatly Reduced through Multicast and Broadcast

Protects Against Cybersecurity Threats with Embedded AES256 Encryption