Flexible Broadband System - Designed to Answer Your Questions

Have confidence in choosing Viasat

We’ve heard your questions as you look for the best networking system for your business. The Flexible Broadband System is designed to provide answers that will give you confidence in choosing Viasat as your path to outstanding services and future growth.

I'm not sure where the demand in my market will be. Can I adjust to changes?

  • Maximize your investment and reduce risk by dynamically adding or shifting bandwidth within the coverage footprint as market demand dictates.

Is high-capacity satellite affordable?

  • A smaller up-front investment includes a bundle of capacity and just three satellite access nodes (our new compact gateways we call SANs) to light up a wide footprint, then scale the network as needed.
  • SANs cost much less and feature a reduced footprint about the same size as a cellular tower.

Can I control service levels to my customers?

  • Build on our service delivery platform, but maintain access through your NOC to manage traffic, set policy, and fulfill subscriber SLAs.

Can I choose who manufactures my terminals?

  • Choose our low-cost, high-volume production terminals, or use our core terminal components and reference designs to outsource terminal development to your choice of third-party manufacturers.

Can I ensure network reliability through physical and weather-related outages?

  • By moving functionality to our cloud-based service delivery platform and replacing hardware assets with network services, the network can automatically detect an outage and maintain connections for everyone by shifting users from an impaired access node to other available nodes.

Will the system I choose continue to lead in economics and technology?

  • Our cloud-based architecture replaces physical network assets to simplify network operations and ensure continuing technology updates.
  • Service providers maximize profits with a customer focus, meeting SLAs and introducing new applications faster.