Provide great Ka-band services with flexibility to meet demand

Ka-band Ground Systems

Integrated Ground Systems for High-Quality Internet Experiences

Having an integrated system-from the spacecraft to the ground network to the devices in consumer homes, on aircraft, or on ships-enables Viasat to deliver a great internet experience to hundreds of thousands of subscribers in their homes while enabling millions of fast, highly-reliable connections in the air and at sea.

Optimizing Next-Generation Satellites

The power of Viasat's high-capacity satellites can deliver more than ten times the speed and capacity of current systems at a much lower cost per subscriber. Achieving the full potential of these satellites requires a sophisticated ground infrastructure. Our innovative and tightly integrated ground system, enables best user performance, lowest cost of ownership, and economic scale.

In combination with our ground system, ViaSat-1, ViaSat-2 and our partner satellites will deliver more than 600 Gbps of capacity to support millions of subscribers around the globe.

Integration Provides Maximum Performance

Our Ka-band ground systems are designed as a complete satellite networking system of satellite access nodes, terminals, and network management. The end-to-end design enables us to constantly innovate at every point in the system, building an enduring competitive advantage for our customers and end-users. Those unique technologies promote robust system availability, network efficiency, and optimal user experiences.

Our patented web and network acceleration software dramatically speeds up web page load times and enterprise application performance, reduces network bandwidth consumption, and minimizes the effect of satellite network latency. As a result, service subscribers as well as remote and mobile users experience the ability to stream bandwidth-intensive applications like video or HD VoIP calls over satellite internet, snappier web browsing, fast email and file transfers, and web-based enterprise applications.