Provide great Ka-band services with flexibility to meet demand

Ka-band Ground Systems

Integrated Ground System for High-Capacity Satellites

When your goal is to please customers with great broadband services, then ViaSat Ka-band ground systems are the clear choice.

  • The system behind the first satellite broadband service to be rated head-to-head with all internet services…and ranked first for delivering speeds as promised. (U.S. FCC “Measuring Broadband America” 2013 and 2014).
  • Ka-band leadership and innovation awards from World Technology Network, Arthur C. Clarke Foundation, Society of Satellite Professionals, Frost & Sullivan, and more.
  • APEX Avion, Excellence in Avionics, Crystal Cabin, Via Satellite Excellence awards for best in-flight Wi-Fi.

Bring this award-winning satellite technology and service network to your markets. As the Ka-band leader, we offer systems that maximize network throughput, as well as a new option that enables a more affordable entry to high-capacity satellite services, with the flexibility to add and manage capacity as demand grows.

The Networking Choice Worldwide

With installations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia totaling over two million terminals shipped, the ViaSat Broadband System has become the leading choice for residential broadband.

In addition to residential, the same network can simultaneously deliver a wide range of enterprise and mobile broadband services. Together with our partners around the world, become part of a growing air and maritime network, gaining revenue and customers as they roam to your region.

Integration Provides Maximum Performance

Our Ka-band ground systems are designed as a complete satellite networking system of satellite access nodes, terminals, and network management. The end-to-end design enables us to constantly innovate at every point in the system, building an enduring competitive advantage for you. Those unique technologies ensure robust system availability, network effiiciencies, and a superb user experience.

Our patented web and network acceleration software dramatically speeds up web page load times and enterprise application performance, reduces network bandwidth consumption, and minimizes the effect of satellite network latency. As a result, service subscribers as well as remote and mobile workers experience snappier web browsing, email, file transfers, and web-based enterprise applications, even with media and video intensive content.

Flexible Broadband System – Satellite Reinvented

The coming Terabit world will be here sooner than we think. But each region and market will move into that high-speed world at different times and with different growth patterns. You need flexibility to offer the best high-speed services now, then adjust to accommodate the growth in your market, no matter when – or where – it happens.

The Flexible Broadband System is designed with a forward-looking network architecture that enables you to do just that:

  • Affordable entry point to high-capacity satellite networking.
  • Enable a wide range of residential, enterprise, and mobile broadband that outperform other satellite services at a much lower cost per subscriber.
  • Easily scale to accommodate business growth in any market.
  • Answers the questions you have as you look for the best networking system.


Learn more about the high-capacity satellite technology behind our Ka-band ground systems.

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