Two-factor authentication for maximum protection

Data at Rest Encryption for Governments

Endpoint Protection for Multiple Classification Levels

Millions of computers are lost or stolen annually, putting classified and sensitive data at risk of breach. Viasat Eclypt® encrypted hard drives and Inline Media Encryptors are accredited and used by government agencies and military forces worldwide to ensure premium data protection. We offer a variety of internal, external, portable, SSD, and ruggedized hard drive configurations and custom or bespoke systems for air, land, and sea platforms. 


Hard Drive Encryption — Certified for U.K., NATO, Canada + More
Eclypt Core

Self-encrypting hard drive providing a

direct replacement for most COTS

computer standard internal drives.

U.K. Top Secret & Below

Canada Top Secret & Below

NATO Secret & Below
Eclypt Freedom External USB hardware-encrypted hard

drive that can store, archive, or back-up data

and easily transport to different computers.
U.K. Top Secret & Below

Canada Top Secret & Below

NATO Secret & Below
Secure Data Recorder Multi-channel secure data recording

for manned and unmanned platforms,

operating in air, land, and maritime environments.
U.K. Top Secret & Below


Inline Media Encryptors — NSA-Certified

6U single slot hard drive encryption for protecting

Type 1 data-at-rest in aircraft; includes remote

CIK receptacle and removable LED/PIN pad.

U.S. Top Secret & Below


MIL-STD-810F ruggedized

Type 1 inline media encryption for

aircraft and other tactical platforms.

U.S. Top Secret & Below



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