Eclypt Freedom Encrypted External Hard Drive

  • Accredited Secure Data-at-Rest Protection
  • HDD (Rotating) or SSD (Solid State) Versions
  • USB Connectivity for Secure Data Transfer and Storage
  • Remote Authentication Enables Encryption of Data in Hard-to-Access Locations

Eclypt Freedom Encrypted External Hard Drive

External Self-Encrypting Hard Drive Certified for UK, NATO, and More

The Viasat Eclypt® Freedom is an external USB hardware-encrypted hard drive that can store, archive, or back-up data and easily transport to different computers.

Used by governments, military forces, and law enforcement organizations worldwide, this secure portable hard drive integrates sophisticated authentication, entire-disk encryption and data storage into tamper-resistant portable hardware that safeguards your data. It provides instant data protection without any noticeable adverse effects on your computer performance.

  • Accredited protection: U.K. Top Secret & Below, Canada Top Secret & Below, NATO Secret & Below
  • USB connectivity for seamless portability
  • Unique tamper-proof and tamper-evident construction
  • Multiple user profiles – 3-tier management system
  • Lifetime key
  • Non-volatile keys stored within tamper proof device, protected by AES-256 keywrap

 Which Protection Level of Eclypt Freedom Is Right For Your Data?