Mobile Enterprise Security

Mobile Enterprise Security



Comprehensive Mobile Enterprise Security

As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) gain traction, the attack surface for enterprise networks widens. Smartphones and other mobile devices have inherently different security risks than traditional PCs, requiring a new approach to information and network security. Exede Secure Mobile services help governments and corporations find a balance between giving mobile workforces the access and flexibility they need and providing IT admins with trusted and sustainable mobile enterprise security.

Exede Secure Mobile Comprehensive Security

  • Latest Commercially-Available Devices
    Android or iOS, we help securely integrate your selected devices into your mobile network. And with multi-persona capabilities, users can have one device for both work-and-play.
  • Establishing Trust Across All Surfaces
    Having a secure mobile device alone is not enough to prevent data loss and enterprise compromise. We establish trust across all mobile enterprise surfaces: devices, applications, operating systems, and network management.
  • Leverage Existing IT Infrastructure
    Comprehensive security doesn’t require investing in all new equipment. We help find weakness in your network security, bridge any gaps, and then securely extend your network to mobile.
  • Turnkey Management and Monitoring
    Exede­® Dynamic Defense software enables you to quickly launch and remotely manage your secure mobile devices. Provision a single device or multiple at a time, remotely update policy, and customize how you monitor device security. It also works in conjunction with existing security software to streamline operations.
  • Defending Your Network
    Through sophisticated visualization tools, Exede® Dynamic Defense software links device security back to the enterprise network, providing a single interface to assess your entire network health, drill down to investigate potential threats, and instantly quarantine problems.

Exede® Secure Mobile Services

We take the guesswork out of mobile enterprise security. With an alliance of OEM, software, and mobile carrier partners and 20+ years securing communications for the U.S. Department of Defense, we provide a single point of contact to help launch your secure mobile enterprise and offer 24/7 cybersecurity services to manage, monitor, and defend your mobile network. Select from a range of services that scale to meet your needs:

Exede Secure Mobile On Premise Management On Premise Secure Mobile Management
Secure mobile device integration with existing IT infrastructure; Exede® Dynamic Defense software and training to launch and then self-manage your secure mobile network.
Exede Secure Mobile Cloude Service Secure Cloud Service
Secure mobile device integration with existing IT infrastructure; Secure device management and around-the-clock cyber monitoring and defense provided by Exede service.
Exede Secure Mobile 360 Service 360° Secure Mobile Enterprise Management
Complete mobile enterprise security (email, documents, and storage) hosted and managed by Exede service, including around-the-clock cyber monitoring and defense.

Trusted Protection for Regulated Markets

We ensure your mobile enterprise meets required security compliances:

 Compliance for regulated markets

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