Mobile cybersecurity for remote workforces

Mobile Security For Government and Tactical Networks

Cyber Protection for Mobile Devices and Networks They Access

The utility of mobile devices on the battlespace is undeniable, but how to protect the sensitive information stored and accessed on those devices has been the challenge. Previous attempts to solve this solely limited access to capabilities, locked the device down, slowed access to information, or left open critical safety gaps. But what if there is no network connectivity, and there’s need to update map files? What if there is a Cyber attack and device is compromised, how do you know the EUD is still trustworthy? What if the mission changes and there is a critical need to turn on the camera? None of these previous solutions enable the flexibility to maintain mission effectiveness.

The Viasat Solution

Mobile Dynamic Defense (MDD) is a solution like no other, designed specifically for the very unique demands of tactical, tactical enterprise and government operations. MDD was designed first and foremost to enable the flexibility of different mission CONOPS and End User capabilities without limiting functionality of these devices. Our solution works with limited and no network connectivity, has the flexibility to adjust to mission needs on the fly, improves operators situational awareness, and integrates with the ecosystem of other technologies at the tactical edge.

Viasat’s MDD is proved battlefield ready and has multiple key advantages and operational capabilities:

  1. Maintains full capability and security in disconnected environments
  2. Tactical Radio, WiFi and Cellular connectivity management
  3. Ease and Flexibility of EUD Configuration/Security
  4. Application Control/Management
  5. Sensor Fusion, Response and Visualization

Complete end-to-end Solution Provider: As a preferred Authorized Samsung EUD Reseller, Viasat can provide a complete turnkey solution with custom ROMs, Tactical Edition, user apps pre-installed and EUD hardware accessories. Viasat has operational expertise of the EUD ecosystem for a large number of tactical CONOPS and is able to provide implementation guidance, secure ecosystem architecture design support, and on-site MDD training.

Free Trial License

We are happy to extend a free trial license to interested parties. Please provide the following information and our team will reach out to set you up.