Mobile cybersecurity for remote workforces

Mobile Enterprise Security

Cyber Protection for Mobile Devices and the Enterprise Networks They Access

Workforces rely on smartphones and mobile devices to conduct business operations and remotely access enterprise networks around-the-clock. With this increased mobility, these workers and the networks they access have become an easy target for cyberattacks, resulting in information theft, disruption in operations, and destruction of assets. With Exede® Dynamic Defense mobile cybersecurity software from ViaSat, enterprises can securely extend their business data and services to mobile devices and employees can safely use the same device for work and home. Our services help governments and corporations find a balance between giving mobile workforces the access and flexibility they need while providing IT admins with trusted and sustainable mobile enterprise security.

Active Security

Transparent Operations on Mobile Devices

  • Dynamically reacts to threats even when devices are not connected to the network
    • Automatically responds to threats 
    • Continuous monitoring for exploits and root/jailbreak
  • Robust policy enforcement across device behavior, applications, network, and platform

Trusted Security

Designed and Tested to be Secure

  • Layered threat detection at both the device and enterprise
  • Designed to combat the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top Ten Web and Mobile Threats
  • Pre-hardened to Center for Internet Security Standards
  • Added security through integrated web application firewall
  • Frequent updates as threats evolve
  • Mobile cyber defense designed to support high-value markets

Usable Security

Easy for the Admin and Easy for the User

  • Integrates with existing IT and security infrastructure
  • Email notifications alert about security concerns
  • Comprehensive reporting with a few clicks of a mouse
  • Supports corporate policy enforcement

Trusted Protection for Regulated Markets

Mobile Cyber Defense Designed to Support Compliances for High-Value Markets

  • Utilities: NERC CIP
  • Healthcare: HIPAA
  • Finance: FINRA, Dodd-Frank Act, GLB Act, SEC, FCA, PR


Support Notes

  • Free mobile cybersecurity assessment services provided with any Exede Dynamic Defense license.