High-capacity satellite broadband for the terabit world
Shift or add capacity to match growing and changing demand

High-Capacity Satellites + Payloads for Government

Government's Growing Need for Bandwidth

ISR and UAVs. Multi-Int Sensors. Broadband to the tactical edge and smartphones for every warfighter. Modern military operations depend on information dominance to ensure force multiplier advantage. And information dominance depends on bandwidth. The continuously growing demand for bandwidth within the military is indisputable.  The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) has 34% year-over-year growth rate in bandwidth consumption, with short-term growth as high as 69%. With more platforms, ISR missions, video, and devices fighting for bandwidth, more satellite capacity and speed is needed. 

Transforming Satellite Broadband for the Terabit World

In 2012, we launched the new high-capacity (high throughput) era in satellite broadband with Viasat-1, still the highest capacity satellite in the world, as it began providing broadband internet services over North America. Viasat-1, a single satellite, exceeds the capacity and capabilities of all DoD satellites combined, for a fraction of the cost. But Viasat-1 was only the first step for a new high-capacity Ka-band system architecture that is focused on continuous transformation in the economics and quality of satellite broadband services.

Gaps in Government Bandwidth Capacity and Affordability Are Increasing

Viasat is charging ahead with the launches of Viasat-2 and future satellites, which will have the bandwidth capacity to dramatically improve mission performance and decisive warfighter advantage at a far lower cost than the DoD pays today. Viasat high-capacity broadband satellites offer the most speed and capacity, plus better affordability. Driven by relentless, fearless innovation, we're built for breakthroughs and deploying more bandwidth-per-dollar capabilities at a faster pace. With every Viasat innovation, the gaps between commercial satellite broadband and DoD capability widens, in bandwidth capacity, affordability, and mission performance. By 2016, Viasat will be 60 times more affordable and have 15 times more capacity than DoD satellites.

Built for Breakthroughs with End-to-End Innovation

We have an end-to-end, integrated approach to satellite communications, with innovations spanning from satellites, backhaul, and ground entry to network management, cybersecurity, and end-user terminals. This integrated innovation results in dramatic improvements and benefits for warfighter and mission dominance:  

Better Performance

  • Faster speeds and data volumes
  • Smaller, lighter terminals
  • Faster time to deployment and rapid innovation to keep pace with emerging needs
  • Abundant capacity to meet rising government bandwidth demands
  • Growing, global network with best-available network roaming

Superior Security & Resilience

  • Better interference and anti-jam performance
  • Better cyber defense and protections
  • Better availability and resilience

Lower Cost

  • Less expensive equipment
  • Costs considerably less than DoD satellites
  • Lower operating costs
  • More mission performance per dollar

Scalability to Keep Pace with Ongoing Bandwidth Demand Growth

Viasat is the innovator behind the world’s highest capacity satellites and now we’re enabling government and defense agencies to improve mission performance, increase warfighter dominance, and accelerate the worldwide deployment of high-speed broadband services with the Viasat-2 Lite class of satellite.  This Flexible Broadband System enables fast and cost-effective satellite broadband services for government and other applications. The unique system offers an easy entry point to high-capacity satellite networking with scalability to keep pace with ongoing bandwidth demand growth in an affordable way.

With this system, you can acquire low-cost capacity, broad coverage, and the ability to dynamically shift capacity where it’s needed, when it’s needed within the expansive satellite footprint. The Viasat-2 Lite satellite is a compact high-capacity satellite design with a price point ideal for fast, worldwide deployment.

Match Capacity to New and Changing Demand

Continuous changes in world events and global military operations force government organizations to be agile and adapt to shifts in bandwidth demand. Flexible capacity technology in the Viasat-2 Lite satellite system allows you to match capacity to unpredictable demand, and shift or add capacity within the satellite footprint. You can quickly move capacity to respond to unexpected events and emerging military hotzones, move capacity from where the fight it today to where it goes tomorrow, and address future bandwidth needs.

Terminal Choice

Build your own terminals with our chipsets and core technology. Viasat also offers a wide range of off-the-shelf terminals to serve many air, land, and sea missions.