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Viasat Patent Program

Viasat, the world leader in satellite communications technology, is pleased to offer for license certain patents associated with its high-throughput satellite systems.  Viasat’s revolutionary satellite system designs led to the launch of ViaSat-1, still the highest capacity satellite in the world, with ten times the throughput of any previous Ka-band satellite.  But ViaSat-1 was just the start.  Our ViaSat-2 system will have even more capacity, seven times the coverage, and unprecedented flexibility.  And our recently-announced ViaSat-3 system will take satellite broadband to previously-unimagined heights, with each satellite providing a terabit of network capacity – more than the approximately 400 commercial communications satellites in space today – combined.

Total global bandwidth consumption is doubling every two to three years.  In this environment of exponential growth in demand, satellite operators need to deliver the most capacity possible at the lowest possible cost.  Viasat’s technology offers the best bandwidth economics in the industry, allowing licensed satellite operators to reach more customers and provide better service.  Using our patented breakthroughs, your company will be better able to meet the insatiable demand for bandwidth by offering your customers an unmatched combination of cost-effectiveness, capacity, coverage, and flexibility.  

Viasat is willing to license its patented technologies in a number of fields, including:

  • Technologies used in connection with our ViaSat-1 satellite, allowing for the doubling of frequency bandwidth, better management of interference, and dynamic use of NGSO spectrum
  • Capacity management tool for modeling and statistically simulating the effects, efficiency, and ultimate capacity of a satellite
  • Ka-band ground system maximizing satellite capacity and flexibility
  • Residential terminals allowing for high-speed IP networking

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