KS-252 Ground Operating Equipment

  • The New Air Force Standard for Securing TT&C
  • Configurable for Multiple Cryptographic Functions
  • Software Upgradeable and Reprogrammable
  • NSA-Certified for TS/SCI and Below

KS-252 Ground Operating Equipment

TT&C End Cryptographic Unit

The KS-252 from Viasat is the new Air Force standard for securing Telemetry, Tracking, and Commanding (TT&C)  Ground Operating Equipment (GOE). Capable of protecting TS/SCI and below data, the flexible KS-252 is configurable for multiple cryptographic functions using industry standard Ethernet interfaces for both data and control. The KS-252 enables users to replace their expensive, aging, legacy GOE TT&C equipment with a modern, smaller, lower-cost, and lower-maintenance device. Additionally, the KS-252 is software reprogrammable, offering a means to upgrade or modify its functionality for future applications.

The heart of the KS-252 is our field-proven, flexible, scalable PSIAM™ cryptosystem core that supports secure algorithm management and key management functions. The KS-252 is an End Cryptographic Unit (ECU) that has been NSA certified for protecting TS/SCI and below data. It implements five of the most common space-related cryptographic algorithms used for TT&C, including their associated command authentication functions.

GOE KS-252