Situational awareness and coordination in the chaos of combat
A clearer battlefield picture in the fog of war with Link 16
Bringing the edge user into the tactical picture
Simultaneous multi-channel communications for Link 16 and more

Link 16 / MIDS Tactical Data Links

Real-Time Situational Awareness Across the Battlefield

Whether in the air, on land, or at sea, Viasat has been developing new and improved ways to execute the mission. We arm more warfighters on more platforms with the most secure, jam-resistant Link 16 communications so all operators and assets are accounted for – even at the most remote edges of the battlefield. 

We have an integrated, end-to-end approach that demonstrates our complete understanding of the Link 16 ecosystem: 

  • Most dynamic range of interoperable terminals available on the market today, including the world’s only handheld Link 16 radio
  • Software tools to help you manage your network and analyze your terminals
  • Support equipment to help you get more value out of your radios
  • Customized training to meet your mission requirements
  • In-country/field support to help you address repair needs
  • Integration and installation support to minimize platform downtime and risk reduction

With a Link 16 legacy that dates back over 20 years, we continue to look ahead – anticipating requirements of the next-generation of warfighters. Our growing technological capabilities not only improve connectivity and security, but also lead to increased survivability with significantly shorter kill chain timelines, reducing the risk of fratricide and collateral damage incidents.

Interested in learning more? View our infographic to understand all of the benefits you'll get with Link 16. 

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