Wi-Fi hotspot networks
Wi-Fi hotspot networks

Wi-Fi Networks (Public + Private)

Connecting millions with Wi-Fi

Viasat has a diverse history in deploying and managing private and public Wi-Fi networks to connect individuals and businesses across the globe. Here are some of our main initiatives to bring broadband internet and Wi-Fi hotspots to some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places:

  • Connecting remote communities across the world: Viasat community Wi-Fi hotspots bring high-speed connectivity within walking distance to nearly 2 million people in remote communities across Mexico, most of which have never had internet service. By expanding internet access countrywide, we're helping people learn, grow their local businesses, and more.

Viasat recently announced the launch of Community Wi-Fi trials in Brazil, to further expand our Wi-Fi connectivity to even more locations throughout the world where internet connections are slow or non-existent.

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  • Advanced connectivity in major cities with fast, urban Wi-Fi: Viasat Urban Wi-Fi offers city residents across Mexico with fast speeds, quality service and affordable pricing that is highly-competitive to other terrestrial internet providers. With speeds much faster than DSL and most mobile services, Viasat Urban Wi-Fi offers a resilient internet solution that provides connectivity in areas where mobile coverage is lacking.
  • Modernizing Nevada state parks: Viasat satellite-enabled Wi-Fi connects park visitors to help them more safely enjoy and explore the grounds. Connectivity also gives park rangers and staff the ability to more efficiently manage, protect and operate park resources.
  • Providing internet service across U.S. Navy bases: Viasat offers high-speed Wi-Fi to more than 60 U.S. Navy bases around the world. Our service provides instant internet access to thousands of off-duty sailors and reduces the Navy's reliance on legacy networks for significant cost savings.