Secure communications across the battlespace

Defense + Homeland Security

Secure Communications for Any Mission: More Bandwidth, Efficiency, + Security

Viasat Defense

Fast, Reliable Communications in the Fog of War

During the chaos of combat, warfighters need fast, secure communications and instant access to information. Viasat helps warfighters and commanders access and share trusted intel from any location to make better decisions faster.

Military forces around the world counts on us for secure satellite and wireless networking systems and services that deliver reliable, affordable communications beyond the reach of traditional wired connections. We push enterprise access and broadband communications all the way out to the tactical edge. We're the leading innovators in high-capacity satellites to ensure that every warfighter and platform has more than enough bandwidth to dominate the mission, bring force multiplier advantage, and execute with precision. 



Viasat Defense

Transforming Missions in Ways No One Else Can

No matter where your mission takes you, Viasat keeps you connected with instant access to video, voice, and data communications.

  • Defend and protect all domains
  • Make better, faster decisions
  • Access trusted, actionable intelligence in real time
  • Shorten the sensor-to-shooter timeline
  • Gain 360° situational awareness
  • Execute more successful, efficient missions



Viasat Defense

Game-Changing Capability for the Warfighter

Viasat has a track record of creating game-changers that transform missions and make new kinds of operations possible. We are committed to fearless innovation that serves the world. To bring transformative capabilities to warfighters and missions, we apply breakthrough innovation to defense needs – in a way that no one else can.  We blend market-leading commercial and defense technologies, and apply them in innovative ways across the U.S. and global defense market.  




Viasat Defense

Fearless Innovation, Unconventional Thinking, and Ingenuity

With satellite communications services and technologies, cybersecurity capabilities, and line-of-sight networking systems, we deliver:

  • Better mission performance
  • Faster communications speed
  • More bandwidth
  • Better cyber protection and resilience 
  • Greater affordability
  • Much faster innovation, development, and speed to deployment
  • Smaller, lighter, more affordable equipment
  • Warfighter dominance
  • Force multiplier advantage