Scalable cybersecurity for
any environment


Trusted Protection for Organizations and Governments of All Sizes

With every passing minute, a growing number of hostile forces attempt to hack the proprietary and classified information of governments, militaries, businesses, and even individuals. These attacks are circumventing traditional perimeter protection and leveraging vulnerabilities in remote connections and open source technologies to exploit sensitive data.

At the core of Viasat’s security experience is protecting live networks to deliver high quality, uninterrupted connectivity. As a worldwide satellite Internet Service Provider, we’ve been securing our own operational networks for years, preventing millions of attacks weekly from reaching subscribers and automatically mitigating against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. We’ve also accumulated petabytes of proprietary cyber threat intelligence, and as a longtime defense contractor, we have insight into the some of the most sophisticated, well-funded attacks. Learn more about our professional and managed security services to see how we can help better protect your sensitive data and networks.

We also have a wide range of certified (FIPS 140-2 to Type 1) data at rest and data in transit encryption products. These products are used by enterprises and governments worldwide and all are part of a tightly controlled supply chain. See which product is best for your business.