Government Satcom Overview

Government Satcom Overview

Agile, net-centric IP satellite communication systems to help tactical warfighters and first responders.

Fixed site satcoms, portable satcoms, UHF satcom, Comm on-the-move, Comm on-the pause

Form Factor:
Modems, terminals, hubs, antennas

Agile, Net-centric IP Satellite
Communication Systems

We help tactical warfighters and first responders access and share trusted information from any location to make better decisions faster. Defense and homeland security organizations count on ViaSat for satcom products and capabilities at many frequency bands.



Communications On-the-Move - Mobile Broadband

Our Mobile Satcom systems use ViaSat ArcLight® technology to provide affordable, 2-way, always-on, broadband access via satellite – at speeds that match cable or DSL – to ground, airborne, and maritime platforms while in motion.

Mobile Satcom Systems Overview

VMT-1200HM C-130 Hatch-Mount Terminal
VMT-1220LA Light Aircraft Terminal
VMT-1200 Ground Terminal
VMT-1200SFP Small Footprint Ground Terminal
VMT-1200HE Helicopter Mount Terminal


Portable Terminals

Designed for rapid deployment and high-speed connectivity, our man-portable satcom terminals enable forward-edge warfighters to make better decisions faster and adjust to unexpected mission changes.

SurfBeam® 2 Pro Portable Broadband Terminal


High-Speed Modems for C4I Satcom

We’re using the newest standards in Satcom networking to connect more warfighters more efficiently. From certified MIL-STD-188-165B modems to hubless MF-TDMA systems to GIG standardized access, our modems provide cost-effective, high-speed military satellite communications for a range of applications.

MD-1366 EBEM
MD-1377 Joint IP Modem


UHF Satcom

Many use the phrase, but we truly are the world leader in DoD UHF mobile satellite communication systems, providing user terminals as well as network gateways, infrastructure, and training systems to the U.S. and allied military forces.

RT-1828/1830 UHF Satcom Terminals
RT-1829 UHF Satcom Terminal
MD-1324 UHF DAMA Satcom Modems
DAMA Trainer/Simulator (DOCCT/S)

Ordering Contracts

GSA SATCOM II - Contract # GS00T07NSD0036

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