Small Tactical Terminal (STT)

Small Tactical Terminal (STT)

The Small Tactical Terminal (STT) KOR-24A, co-developed by ViaSat and Harris, is a two-channel radio designed to meet the needs of users who have size, weight, and power constraints but need the information available on Link 16 networks and tactical VHF/UHF. Tactical warfighters, including ground vehicles, helicopters, UAVs, small boats, and light ISR aircraft can now have simultaneous access to Link 16 and either wideband UHF or legacy VHF/UHF. This terminal is packaged in an affordable, industry standard compact form factor and is ruggedized to meet demanding environmental requirements.

The STT brings real-time situational awareness, location data, and command and control to tactical gateways and edge warfighters. With this terminal, edge users have access to both air and ground (friendly and enemy) situation data and can provide secure and reliable target data to the network. With the UHF channel configured for S-TADIL J or JRE, users have a single terminal that provides both LOS and BLOS TADIL J connectivity.

The STT can be used to bridge the gap in users’ awareness between the air picture provided by TADIL J/Link 16 and the ground picture provided by other VHF/UHF data link formats. This two-channel radio dramatically reduces data latency and improves data integrity between traditional network platforms and users at the edge for both situational awareness and command and control. Link 16 and combat net radio built-in identification means that STT terminals provide blue force reporting to reduce blue-on-blue engagements and avoid fratricide. With standardized TADIL messages and Ethernet interfaces, the STT can be used with multiple computers in a wide range of applications. This radio is also NSA-certified and cypto modernization-ready.

Simultaneous Two-Channel Comms for Air and Ground Interoperability:

  • Link 16
  • Legacy VHF/UHF
  • Wideband UHF (SRW, ANW2)
  • Satcom


STT Dual-Channel Networking

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