Tactical Data Links Overview

Tactical Data Links Overview

Link 16 is a U.S. and allied government-backed system for transmitting broadband, jam-resistant, secure data and voice across a variety of air, sea, and ground-based platforms.








Exchange real-time situational awareness information and voice communications across the battlespace with Link 16 terminals from ViaSat.  ViaSat MIDS-LVT terminals arm allied aircraft, ships, and ground platforms with secure, jam-resistant Link 16 communications to give Joint and Coalition forces a clear view of the battlespace and the ability to share voice and digital data.  As the Link 16 innovation leader, ViaSat offers the world's broadest range of tactical data link terminals, support equipment, and training for air, land, and sea.

We are the leading supplier of MIDS-LVT(1) to F-16 fleets worldwide, and MIDS-LVT(2) terminals for integration into a variety of platforms.  ViaSat's Small Tactical Terminal delivers Link 16 and Secure UHF Line-of-Sight to dismounted warfighters, ground vehicles, landing craft, UAVs, helicopters, and other disadvantaged platforms.

With a full range of terminals, support equipment, training, and field support, ViaSat provides complete turnkey systems to support command and control, surveillance, intelligence, weapon status, and situational awareness communications over Link 16.

Need to know more?  See our Link 16 FAQ or, for more general introduction to JTIDS/MIDS, read NCW 101 or this Joint Forces Introduction to TADIL J (aka Link 16).

Link 16 and NPG Message Card

Small Tactical Terminal

Fuse air and ground situational awareness at the tactical edge with the Small Tactical Terminal (STT) KOR-24A. With remarkably low size, weight, and power, the STT brings simultaneous Link 16 and wideband UHF or legacy VHF/UHF network connectivity to tactical warfighters and network disadvantaged platforms.

KOR-24A Small Tactical Terminal

Multifunctional Information Distribution System
Low Volume Terminals (MIDS-LVT)

Smaller, lighter, more flexible, and more affordable than ever, these terminals are available for improving situational awareness in airborne, shipboard and ground station applications.
MIDS-LVT(1) Airborne Terminal
MIDS-LVT(2)/(11)/(12) Ground Based Terminal

Multifunctional Information Distribution System
Joint Tactical Radio System (MIDS JTRS)

Four-channel, software-programmable radio delivers existing Link 16 and TACAN functionality, as well as three channels for future growth and JTRS advanced networking waveforms.
MIDS JTRS Terminal

Link 16 Support Equipment for Terminal Integration , Field Service Engineers, or Test & Troubleshooting

Choose from several accessories that enable you to easily troubleshoot, test, install, and maintain your MIDS terminals – from ViaSat or other vendors.
LEGS - Link 16 Environment/Gateway/Stimulator
ARMS - Amalgamated Remote Management System
TOES - Terminal Operational Environment Simulator
LiFT - Link 16 Flight-line Tool
Link 16 Navigation Test Set
MIDS Flight Recorder
More Support Equipment and Accessories

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