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Nomadic Satellite Services

Instant Connectivity Where You Need It

Nomadic Satellite Services

Viasat nomadic satellite services change the way nomadic workers communicate by leveraging the advantages of our high-capacity Ka-band satellite system. Whether in the heart of a major city or beyond terrestrial communications, the managed service delivers more information at a faster rate while containing costs with the industry's most economical satellite bandwidth.

The high-speed satellite service delivers IP access instantly regardless of the local infrastructure or location. It can support a single user, but has the power and flexibility to support a large nomadic network. These communication links can be set up anywhere—on a roof-top, mountaintop, or the middle of the desert, making it an ideal choice compared to legacy satellite, microwave, and terrestrial services.

  • U.S. nationwide coverage delivering the fasted IP access to any location
  • Standard nomadic service delivers up to 18 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream
  • Live news and events from the field with prioritized streaming for true live HD video
  • Customized service plans scaled to meet various enterprise business needs
  • Pre-paid plans to secure a specific amount of data and pay as you go plans for greater flexibility
  • A range of portable terminals designed to deliver the best performance on the Viasat network

Connectivity for Remote Workforces

  • Oil and Gas. Depend on fast, reliable access for remote teams even under the most difficult scenarios and for as long as you need, a day or months, and easily move to the next location. Monitor remote assets and command-and-control messages through a secure network infrastructure.
  • Business Continuity. Enable critical communication to national or regional distributed relief organizations when existing terrestrial communication systems are unavailable or current connection options are insufficient.
  • Critical Infrastructure. Keep remote workers connected to the enterprise through internet, email and standard office applications, enable off-site video surveillance monitoring or storage, and act as the primary connectivity for terrestrial and mobile services during disaster recovery.
  • Live Events. Stream live news and events from the field in high-definition plus provide Wi-Fi for thousands of spectators and vendors with affordable, high-speed IP access.

Support Services

Viasat offers end-user support through our value-added resellers (VAR). Should you require support, please contact your VAR directly.

Viasat maintains its advanced satellite network 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.


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Support Notes

  • Pro Portable Terminal Discontinued 

    We have discontinued production on the Pro Portable. We will continue to support existing fielded units. Please contact for questions.